2540 ML Autoclave from Tuttnauer

Ethernet No
Chamber Volume (L) 23
RS-232 No

Considering the vast inventory of available autoclaves in the market, looking for the appropriate unit to decontaminate clinical equipment and supplies, liquid and solid samples, various lab instruments, as well as other pharmaceutical items can be tedious. Lab.Equipment is here to help you in procuring the best fit one for your work room, helping you save your budget and your precious time. Lab Equipment's Tuttnauer ML 2540 ML autoclave can bring reliable sterilization and cleaning for your applications. If you think it cannot, you can browse through the best one to achieve your expected output based off our review, FAQ, and comparison of the 2540 ML to other autoclaves available so continue reading below.

Unlike any other distributor around, Lab.Equipment would not just offer you a portfolio complete with the same terms and buzzwords that a number of manufacturers give to deceive us persevering lab staffs more. Bringing in line 60 autoclaves from all 8 leading manufacturers like Tuttnauer, trust us to have good familiarity on these lab instruments. We can help you acquire the best autoclave for your lab application with true and carefully drafted descriptions, whether it is with this Tuttnauer ML 2540 ML or not.

As opposed to other autoclaves available, how much volume can the chamber of the 2540 ML autoclave accommodate?

Good for advanced sterilization operations in your lab, the 2540 ML autoclave features with a 23L sterilization chamber volume.

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Here are some of the notable features of the Tuttnauer ML 2540 ML Autoclave:


The 2540 ML is a semi-automatic autoclave. It is less expensive compared to fully automatic ones available. Electro-mechanically controlled, this autoclave is best for sterilization of samples with low sensitivity.


2540 ML functions without a built-in printer. It must be regularly monitored by a lab personnel when working to secure that temperature and pressure levels are properly taken care of .


The modern 2540 ML from Tuttnauer is not built with a touchscreen controller.


Unfortunately, the 2540 ML does not come with a built-in ethernet port and cannot be connected to the internet . However, it offers an RS232 communication port for easy remote maintenance and software updates.

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The semi-automatic laboratory autoclave series is an affordable sterilizer for laboratories that do not want to compromise on quality, safety and reliability and need to sterilize loads with low sensitivity. The semi-automatic series is available in floor standing, vertical or benchtop models and in chamber sizes ranging from 23 to 160 liters. Process control is preformed by a pressure switch.The semi-automatic control system includes a timer that can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. The ML models have a semi-automatic control panel.

  • Chamber constructed of 316Ti grade stainless steel

  • Maintenance access to all components for easy servicing

  • Complies with the strictest international directives and standards

  • 23 to 160 Liter autoclave chamber volume

  • Sterilizes low sensitivity loads, including liquids, solids and glassware

  • Autoclave door is designed with a number of safety features


Liquids such as nutrient media and buffer solutions

Solid items such as pipettes, tubes and filters

Glassware and plastic articles


The autoclave lids are designed with a number of independent mechanical and digital safety features. A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurized

A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked

The door cannot unlock until chamber pressure reaches room pressure

Safety Valves: The chamber is equipped with safety valves – if the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge


The chamber is constructed of long lasting 316Ti grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance

The autoclave is designed for easy servicing allowing maintenance access to all components

Drain Protection: The exhaust drain is mixed with cold tap water that cools the exhaust’s temperature before reaching the drain.


Tuttnauer’s high quality laboratory autoclaves comply with the strictest international directives and standards.

  • Pressure Equipment: PED 97/23 EEC, EN 10028-7, ASME Code Sec VIII

  • Safety: IEC/UL/EN61010-1, IEC 61010-2-040, EN 61326

  • Sterilization: DIN 58951 Series, ISO 17665-1:2006Quality

  • System: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003

Tuttnauer has been proving its global presence in the laboratory industry since 1925. With expertise in sterilization and infection control applications, Tuttnauer has been participating in wide-scale projects with renowned research facilities and universities since its initial operating stages. Engineered for exceptional performance in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization tasks, Tuttnauer’s wide ranging product line includes sterilizers for hospitals and research institutes, laboratory autoclaves offered in various sizes and for different applications, washers and disinfectors for lab and medical industries, and sterilization products for CSSD. With certification and compliance to international standards such as the FDA, ASME, ISO and CE Medical Devices, Tuttnauer’s products are ensured to be high-performing and of premium quality. Headquarters based in Netherlands and New York (USA) enabled Tauttner to support worldwide operations in regions including Latin America & Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and USA & Canada.    

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Automation: Semi-Automatic
Ethernet: No
Printer: No
Touchscreen: No
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Volume (L): 23
[Lab Autoclave] RS-232: No

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