8 Liter Autoclave, class N standard STE-8LN from MRC Lab

Ethernet No
Chamber Volume (L) 8
RS-232 No

Looking for the suitable autoclave to sanitize lab instruments, pharmaceutical items, medical supplies and equipment, as well as liquid and solid samples can be grueling with the comprehensive inventory of available products in the market. No need to spend much time selecting the right autoclave unit as Lab.Equipment is here to help you in getting the best one for your work room. The MRC Lab 8 Liter Autoclave, class N standard STE-8LN autoclave can make way for efficient cleaning and sterilization for your laboratory application but if not, you can find the best one to get your expected throughput through our review, FAQ, and comparison of the STE-8LN to other autoclaves available so go on reading.

Lab.Equipment supplies 60 autoclaves from all 8 major autoclave manufacturers such as MRC Lab. With Lab.Equipment having great knowledge on these autoclaves, trust to read product details well drafted for you. Unlike any other distributor around, we would not just offer you a portfolio made with repeating terminologies and buzzwords a number of manufacturers provide to confuse us persevering lab staffs more. Let us help you purchase the perfect fit autoclave for your laboratory protocols with real as well as carefully drafted product descriptions, whether it is with this MRC Lab 8 Liter Autoclave, class N standard STE-8LN or not.

In comparison with other autoclaves in the market, how much volume can the chamber of the STE-8LN autoclave hold?

Ideal for efficient and safe sanitization of instruments and supplies in your workroom, the STE-8LN autoclave is built with with an 8L sterilization chamber volume.

Compared to other autoclaves in the market, what is the heating power capability of the STE-8LN?

The STE-8LN brings economical, cost-effective, and safe sterilization with its 1.4kw heating power capability.

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Here are some of the important features of the MRC Lab 8 Liter Autoclave, class N standard STE-8LN Autoclave:


The STE-8LN is a non-automatic autoclave. Compared to automatic units, it is less pricey to acquire and it provides lower repair costs. However, it might not have monitoring controls, come with lesser safety features, and may be time-consuming to use.


STE-8LN functions with a built-in printer for easy recording, auditing, and documentation of your sterilization and decontamination cycles.


The modern STE-8LN from MRC Lab doesn't support a touchscreen control system.


Unfortunately, the STE-8LN does not have a built-in ethernet port and cannot be connected to the internet . However, it offers an RS232 communication port for uncomplicated remote maintenance and software updates.

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  • Dimension: W345xH530xD340(mm).

  • Inside Dim: 170mm diameter, 320mm deep.

  • Safety valve, Pressure protection System, temperature protector of chamber walls.

  • Suitable for sterilization of liquids.

  • Mini printer process recorder can be attached - Optional.

  • Included: instrument tray rack and handle, 3 instrument tray, 1 spare door seal.

  • open type water storage tank.

  • Power: 1100 Watt.

Since being founded in 1989, MRC Lab has been a global provider of premium quality laboratory and analytical equipment, balances, measuring meters, and material testing supplies to scientific and industrial sectors. With decades of experience, MRC Lab was able to create a name in the industry for manufacturing a wide variety of laboratory instruments including autoclaves, incubators, ultrasonic baths as well as a portfolio of industrial products. Having major offices strategically located in London, Israel, and China plus supported by a network of international dealers, MRC Lab reliably serves professionals in 4 continents.

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Automation: None
Ethernet: No
Heating Power (kw): 1.4
Printer: Yes
Touchscreen: No
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Volume (L): 8
[Lab Autoclave] RS-232: No

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