A Rare Snail Living on Driftwood is Discovered in the Arctic Ocean

May 01, 2020 | Biology

First appearing on Phys.Org, Lab.Equipment presents this article to cover your everyday Bio industry news fix.

The mollusk Leptogyra bujnitzkii first appeared in a biological collection in Russia thanks to the legendary Arctic drift that began on 23 October 1937. Three icebreaking steamers—Georgiy Sedov, Malygin and Sadko—were beset and drifting in the ice following the sea current in the area of the New Siberian Islands. The same current transports driftwood from the Siberian rivers toward Greenland. In August 1938, the veteran icebreaker Yermak freed the Sadko and Malygin. However, the Sedov, whose rudder was badly damaged, had to be left in the ice as a drifting high-latitude station. This enforced wintering in the Arctic resulted in many scientific discoveries, included the debunking of the myth about the Sannikov Land.... Want to read more? Visit the Phys.Org​ Blog.

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