Accuris Precision Balances

Precision Balance series can accommodate samples with max capacities ranging from 120g to 5000g with 0.001g or 0.01g readability.

Lab.Equipment carries the Accuris Precision Balance series engineered with gold plated ceramic capacitance sensors that make way for faster tare and stabilization time. Find small capacity models that can cover 120g - 500g of samples with 0.001 g readability as well as larger capacity models that can work on 1200g - 5000g samples with readability to 0.01g.

Accuris Precision balances may be compact in size but not in features as these come with a large LCD screen for clearer sample measurement display, multiple mode options like count mode, percent deviation, and standard weighing to meet a variety of weighing applications, user-friendly in-lab calibration and more. Accuris balances also have a built-in RS232 port for quicker data management and transfer to computers and printers.

Shop a selection of Accuris Precision Balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance in choosing the best-suited Accuris lab balance for your specific application, feel free to leave us a message at [email protected]

W3200-120 Precision Scale from Accuris
950.00 807.50 807.5 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3200-1200 Precision Scale from Accuris
950.00 807.50 807.5 USD
W3200-320 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,013.00 861.05 861.05 USD
W3200-3200 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,015.00 862.75 862.75 USD
( 2 Ratings)
W3200-500 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,175.00 998.75 998.75 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3200-5K Precision Scale from Accuris
1,400.00 1,190.00 1190.0 USD
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