Acura electro 926 Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 Pipette from Socorex

Socorex Socorex Acura Electro Pipettes 926.1



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Last updated: Feb. 21, 2019
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Volume Range Min (uL) 50
Volume Range Max (uL) 1000
Accuracy (%/uL) 0.4
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 0.1
Autoclavable Yes
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[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 0.4
[Pipette] Autoclavable: Yes
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 0.1
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 1000
[Pipette] Volume Range Min (uL): 50

Given plenty of electronic pipette choices accessible in the market, looking for the ideal unit to measure and transport your liquids correctly can be a daunting task. Do not stress yourself as Lab.Equipment can simplify the pipette selection process for you! The Socorex Acura electro 926 Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 might take care of the precision as well as accuracy your application needs but if not, you will surely decide on the ideal pipette to meet your requirements through our review, FAQ, and comparison of the Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 with other pipettes in stock so keep on reading.

Lab.Equipment offers 877 pipettes from all 16 pipettor manufacturer such as Socorex. With knowledge on these pipettes, expect to find true descriptions meticulously drafted for you. We are not like any other distributor around as we would not just push you a catalog showing the exact same buzzwords, jargons, and propriety terms most manufacturers has "made up" to baffle us hard-working lab staffs more. Trust us to help you cut through the noise and not waste time as well as budget with true descriptions meticulously written to help you find the best Pipette for your specific lab application, whether it is with this Acura electro 926 Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 or not.

Whether you are working on 96-well or 384-well microplates for applications such as PCR, aliquoting, ELISA, enzyme activity and protein assays, and more or if you must perform pipetting tasks that are time sensitive while ensuring accuracy, electronic pipettes are best for you. These are recommended for workrooms with high pipetting demands like biochemistry, neuroscience, and microbiology labs to name a few. As an alternative to automated pipetting systems, an electronic pipette like the Socorex Acura electro 926 Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 is cost-effective, improving laboratory productivity by lowering a lab associate’s workload compared to using manual pipettes.

How much measured liquids can you dispense and transfer with the electronic Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000?

The electronic Acura electro 926 Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 is designed to correctly hand over liquid samples between 50 - 1,000 uL volumes.

What electronic pipette should I go for if I run common pipetting tasks involving low amounts of liquids?

An electronic single-channel pipette like the lightweight and ergonomic Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 can help maximize usual pipetting tasks for your pharmaceutical, scientific, chemical, or biological labs.

Do you need a PDF quote for the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 Pipette?

We guarantee not to waste your time by playing phone tag with high pressure sales rep. To request a PDF for the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000, just use the Instant Quote tool above and get a quote emailed straight to your inbox in 30 seconds or less!

How accurate is the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 compared to other electronic single channel pipettes?

Dispense and transport liquid samples with confidence with the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 as it presents 0.4 accuracy.

How precise is the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 in comparison with other electronic single channel pipettes?

Acquire close values and guarantee reproducibility of your pipetting tasks with the Electronic Single Channel Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 that provides 0.1 repeatability.

How simple is the Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 to maintain and clean?

The Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 is autoclavable, ensuring safety, hygiene, and sterility for use in your other applications.

Do you have any questions about the Socorex Micropipettes Single Channel 50-1000 Lab Pipette that we missed answering for you here?

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Instrument includes a microprocessor-controlled motor and rechargeable battery pack. Eight models cover the volume range 0.1 to 1000 µL. Additional interchangeable volumetric modules available as accessories.

  • Reduced shaft length and conical end improve driveability

  • Easy access to microtubes and microplates

  • Optional longer volumetric modules

  • Simple conversion by user at any time

  • Unsurpassed metrological performance and stability

Initially founded in the late 1940s, Socorex caters to a wide range of biotechnology, life sciences, and molecular biology applications performed in private, industrial, academic, and government lab sectors. Recognized for its products’ world-class performance, the Swiss-based company provides export-quality manual and electronic pipettes, micropipettes and pipetting accessories, and reusable syringes with distribution channels throughout countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia & Oceania, North America, and South America & Caribbean. Dedicated to delivering reliable and highly-precise pipetting instruments, Socorex products have undergone quality assurance by strict certifying bodies. Complete with product certifications from ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System, Socorex product lines are ensured to offer exceptional liquid handling performance. In addition, Socorex manual pipettors are supplied a three-year warranty.

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