Acura Manual 835 Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 Pipette from Socorex

Volume Range Min (uL) 0.5
Volume Range Max (uL) 5
Accuracy (%/uL) 0.6
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 0.3
Autoclavable Yes

Finding the right manual pipettor to measure and transfer your liquids accurately can be a daunting task given countless of units purchasable in the market. Do not fret as Lab.Equipment is here to simplify your pipette selection process! The Socorex Acura Manual 835 Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 may hand over the precision and accuracy your laboratory application is looking for but if not, you will certainly decide on the most suitable pipette to meet your protocols based on our review, FAQ, as well as comparison of the Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 against other pipettors available so go on scrolling down.

Get complete lab pipette information carefully curated by Lab.Equipment. Carrying 877 pipettors from all 16 pipette manufacturer including Socorex, this is the only website you will see real product descriptions meticulously drafted for you. We would not shove you a product portfolio filled with the exact same buzzwords, jargons, and terms many manufacturers offer to perplex us committed lab staffs.

Dispensing and transporting liquids are basic tasks done in molecular biology, biochemistry, medical and scientific, and chemistry labs. Need cutting-edge pipettors that can withstand daily laboratory use and are simple to maintain? You can opt for a manual pipette like the Socorex Acura Manual 835 Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5. A manual pipette is more economical in comparison with electronic units and is best for use in specific lab applications that do not really have high pipetting demands.

How much measured liquid solutions can you discharge and transfer with the manual Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5?

The manual Acura Manual 835 Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 is engineered to correctly transport liquid samples between 0.5 - 5 uL volumes.

What manual pipette should I shop if I carry out typical pipetting tasks dealing with little amounts of liquid samples?

You can boost routine pipetting tasks for your pharmaceutical, scientific, chemical, or biological laboratories with a manual single-channel pipette like the ergonomic and lightweight Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5.

Looking for a PDF quote for the Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 Pipette?

We will not waste your time playing phone tag with a high pressure sales rep, simply use the Instant Quote tool above and you will receive a quote for the Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 emailed to your inbox within 30 seconds! No pesky sales reps calling on you we promise.

How accurate is the Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 in comparison with other manual single channel pipettes?

Transfer and dispense fluid samples confidently through the Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 as it comes with 0.6 accuracy.

How precise is the Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 against other manual single channel pipettes?

Secure reproducibility of your pipetting applications through the Manual Single Channel Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 that presents 0.3 repeatability.

How effortless is the Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 to maintain and clean?

The Socorex Macropipettes Single Channel 0.5-5 is autoclavable, ensuring sterility, hygiene, as well as safety for use in your other lab applications.

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  • Equipped with a precision setting mechanism, the line is continuously adjustable down to a very fine volume resolution. Single-handed volume setting easy when other hand busy. Click stops, together with freely rotating smartie plunger button cap ensure setting stability while pipetting.

  • Three macropipettes ranging 0.2 - 2 mL, 0.5 - 5 ml and 1 - 10 mL.

  • Pasteur pipette adapter supplied with dedicated 2 and 5 mL models.

Initially founded in the late 1940s, Socorex caters to a wide range of biotechnology, life sciences, and molecular biology applications performed in private, industrial, academic, and government lab sectors. Recognized for its products’ world-class performance, the Swiss-based company provides export-quality manual and electronic pipettes, micropipettes and pipetting accessories, and reusable syringes with distribution channels throughout countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia & Oceania, North America, and South America & Caribbean. Dedicated to delivering reliable and highly-precise pipetting instruments, Socorex products have undergone quality assurance by strict certifying bodies. Complete with product certifications from ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System, Socorex product lines are ensured to offer exceptional liquid handling performance. In addition, Socorex manual pipettors are supplied a three-year warranty.

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[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 0.6
[Pipette] Autoclavable: Yes
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 0.3
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 5
[Pipette] Volume Range Min (uL): 0.5

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