Aczet UCM Balances

UCM Series carries an ultra microbalance with 2g weighing capacity and a readability of up to 0.1µg, featuring automatic internal time and temperature calibration for enhanced weighing process.

Lab.Equipment presents professional ultra micro balances from Aczet's UCM Series. Engineered for ultimate precision, the ultra micro balances eliminate temperature influence during measurement of masses to produce the most accurate results. UCM Series ultra micro balances are ideally utilized in laboratory tasks requiring inspection, measuring, and testing equipment with a quality management system. Compared to other Aczet ultra micro balances, the UCM line highlights its state-of-the-art stabilization feature that is capable of reducing analytical time in a matter of seconds without risking the quality of your results.

Each UCM ultra micro balance is equipped with world-class infrared sensors to facilitate intuitive weighing operations. It recognizes hand movements to begin implementing a task which allows users to focus entirely on the sample and avoid spilling. Auto-internal calibration function is another highly advance feature that enables the ultra micro balances to re-calibrate when environmental temperature reaches a specified value. Aside from weighing, the UCM models allow the performance of common lab work such as statistics, checking weighing, filling, percent weighing, and air buoyancy correction handled by 5 pre-programmed applications. All data generated by the balance may be recorded via RS232C for convenient data tracking. Deliver measurement results with accuracy, speed, and confidence as promised by Aczet UCM ultra micro balances!

Shop a range of Aczet UCM lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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