Adapter for Pippets calibration 11 ml from Radwag


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Last updated: Dec. 12, 2018
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Additional adapter for pipettes calibration is designed for gravimetric calibration and/or checking of piston pipettes. 

The adapter is intended to minimize evaporation occurring in liquid handling procedures. An integral part of the adapter is an "evaporation ring" which provides high humidity rate inside the weighing chamber and the measuring vessel. Such design prevents from evaporation of liquids during weighing process. 

The adapter for pipettes calibration is equipped with a specially designed weighing pan for central locating of the measuring vessel inside the weighing chamber. The whole adapter is enclosed in a glass shield equipped with a top opening for dosing liquids.  

Compatible with

  • MYA 21.4Y Microbalance from Radwag

  • MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 6.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 6/21.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 6/21.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 6.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 21.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 21/51.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 21.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 21/51.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

  • XA 51.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag  

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