A&D GR Balances

GR Series of semi-micro analytical balances ranges from 42g to 310g weighing capacity. All models feature uniquely designed lever on the front door to quickly open any side of the weighing chamber.

Lab.Equipment showcases fast and easy-to-operate A&D Weighing GR series of analytical semi-micro balances. Providing mg resolution from 0.01 mg to 42 g, the space-saving AND GR series guarantees high-accuracy and efficient precision weighing. Designed with a multitude of features including automatic self calibration and one touch calibration, quick calibrations are done when ambient temperature exceeds preset temperature range or when exactly needed with just a push of a button. Lower adverse external effects like drafts and vibrations by simply adjusting environment settings.

The A&D GR series offers ergonomics through a two layer housing that blocks negative effects possibly brought about by ambient temperature changes, splatter proof display and keyboard, and a handy lever for easy access to the weighing chamber. With a range of functionalities available such as multiple weighing units, data memory function for storing up to 200 sets of weighing data, underhook function for measuring density and weighing magnetic substances, counting and percent modes, the GR series guarantees high-performance weighing. Conveniently organize information with data management solutions presented by the AND Weighing GR series including a standard R2-232C for smooth communication between lab unit to PC or printer, GLP/GMP compliant outputs showing Balance ID number and weight used for calibration, WinCT function, and a quick reference guide.

Shop a range of A&D Weighing GR Series semi microbalances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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