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Last updated: Jan. 18, 2019
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An additional anti-draft chamber dedicated for mass comparators WAY 3Y.KO and APP 3Y.KO series. It is intended for instruments operating in unfavourable conditions (air movement, air gusts). The anti-draft chamber is installed on a weighing table, and a mass comparator is placed inside the chamber. The chamber features slidable side and top glass doors, thus ensuring free access to mass comparator’s weighing chamber. All components of the anti-draft chamber are made of metal and glass with conductive coating for eliminating influence of electrostatics on a measurement result.

Compatible with

  • WAY 2.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • WAY 100.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • WAY 5.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • WAY 500.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • APP 30.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • APP 64.4Y.KO Mass Comparator
  • APP 10.4Y.KO Mass Comparator

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