AREX-6 Digital Advanced CerAItop Hot Plate Stirrer from Velp Scientifica

Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Multiposition No
Min Speed (RPM) 30
Max Speed (RPM) 1700
Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L) 20
Max Temp Range (°C) 370
Plate Diameter (mm) 135
Plate Material Ceramic coated aluminum
Timer Yes
RS-232 No
Brushless DC motor Yes
CE approved Yes
CSA approved No

Redefining Safety Standards

  • Independent safety circuits protects the instrument in case of overtemperature
  • The heat is activated by tapping the knob preventing unintentional heat up
  • Hot top warning system prevents potential burning
  • Adjustable temperature limit
  • Probe alarm detects that the probe is not immersed in the medium and stops the heat
  • Resistant die-cast housing (IP 42) for maximum protections of the internal part of the instrument.
  • The fast heating CerAlTop™ plate resist to chemicals and scratches ensuring long life-span
  • The stirring speed ramps up gently avoiding spillages risks
  • The optional and tailor-made Silicon Protective Cover protects the stirrer from spillage damages

Engineered for Performance & Usability

  • PID software controlled thermoregulation for fastaccurate and stable temperature control
  • Maximum temperature control accuracy up to 370°C
  • Precise temperature setting with resolution of 1°C
  • Extremely powerful brushless motor able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm (5 rpm steps)
  • Accepts up to 20 liter flasks
  • The torque compensation technology SpeedServo™ maintains the rpm constant as viscosity changes
  • The Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees superior peripheral stirring
  • The icons and display ensure the operator always to have a clear readout of the working conditions
  • The rich advanced menu permits the operator to configure the hot plate stirrer with the most suitable setting for each Lab

Unique Features and Improved Productivity

  • Integrated timer for unattended operations
  • Auto-reverse option of the stirring direction for enhanced kinetics
  • The MultiAluBlock™ and the new MonoAluBlock™ permit to perform numerous reactions saving time and bench space
  • The new Hemispheric Bowls set permits to replace oil baths and mantles in order to perform clean and safe reactions with round bottom flasks
  • PTFE Safety Covers are designed to minimize thermal dispersion and increase safety

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Brushless DC motor: Yes
CE approved: Yes
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Timer: Yes
[Lab Stirrer] Max Speed (RPM): 1700
[Lab Stirrer] Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L): 20
[Lab Stirrer] Max Temp Range (°C): 370
[Lab Stirrer] Min Speed (RPM): 30
[Lab Stirrer] Multiposition: No
[Lab Stirrer] Plate Diameter (mm): 135
[Lab Stirrer] Plate Material: Ceramic coated aluminum
[Lab Stirrer] RS-232: No
[Lab Stirrer] USB: No

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