Astell Scientific is a renowned market leader providing top-notch sterilization technology for a wide range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories. For over 130 years, Astell Scientific has been offering innovation through its extensive selection of autoclaves — from space-saving bench top autoclaves to large 1,200 liter double-square units. Aside from these, they have also expanded overall product selection by introducing affluent decontamination systems and steam generators. Completely aware that some industries require certain specifications, Astell specializes in manufacturing autoclave models with customized chamber sizes, space ranges, and operation cycles, aiming to meet application requirements for sterilizing glassware, plastics, and various porous loads. Their top-of-the-line autoclave equipment are all manufactured in the UK, and is distributed across the US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Check out Astel Scientific product lines presented on Lab.Equipment below:

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