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Benchmark Scientific lab centrifuges are robust and easy-to-operate. Although compact in size, Benchmark Scientific microcentrifuges are feature-packed and designed to meet various molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry, hematology, and DNA applications. Complete with easily adjustable control knobs for convenient setting of parameters, quick acceleration and deceleration times, and premium grade rotors, Benchmark Scientific centrifuges are recommended for use in scientific laboratories, clinics, research centers, and educational institutions.

Lab.Equipment presents a portfolio of Benchmark Scientific lab centrifuges including units from the MC-12, PlateFuge, and StripSpin12 series. We showcase low-noise Benchmark centrifuges like the MyFuge and LC-8 models made from high quality materials and built for quick spin downs. Available Benchmark Scientific centrifuges offer a range of features including a safety lid-lock that prevents lid from opening until the rotor comes to a complete stop, easy-to-remove rotors for hassle-free cleaning, an imbalance detection system that halts the rotor when imbalance is detected, and more. These versatile microcentrifuges make way for improved yields, lab efficiency, and productivity.

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Benchmark LC-8 Centrifuges

LC-8 Series ranges from 400rpm to 5,000rpm speed. All models can accommodate up to eight 15mL tubes.

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