Biotechnology Lab Centrifuges

Lab.Equipment showcases a complete range of biotechnology lab centrifuges utilized in performing biotechnological separation processes such as ethanol and therapeutic protein production, isolating and analyzing cells and macromolecules, and blood fractionation. These high-capacity biotechnology laboratory centrifuges guarantee short processing times and maintain sample integrity. Blood, urine, cell and tissue culture, and cytology are just some common biotechnology samples that are ideally isolated and examined by our available lab centrifuges. Scientists can ensure that every centrifugation performance is consistent, accurate, and able to deliver favorable results with our remarkable centrifuges. 

Biotechnology lab centrifuges on Lab.Equipment are considered a necessity to many laboratories. Browse through our selection below and find the right model for you!

DM0412S MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
490.00 392.00 392.0 USD
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