BR5000 Everlast Rocker 247 from Benchmark Scientific

Controls (Digital/Analog) Analog
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Rocking
Min Speed (RPM) 3
Max Speed (RPM) 80
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 12
Max Temp Range (°C) 65
Timer No
Platform Size (in) 16
Tilt Angle 20
Brushless DC motor No
CE approved No
CSA approved No

Unparalleled Lab Mixing Reproducibility Defined

Laboratory Mixers are critical for medical facilities, laboratories, and universities as these are perpetually used when preparing and testing solutions and also in several lab experiments. Given these reasons, bagging one that can fill your application requirements, whether for mixing, dissolution, emulsification, or disintegration of samples, involves reviewing present and future applications, sample types that one is dealing with, and how many samples the mixer will be accommodating. Carrying these out will not only show you to the best-suited laboratory mixers but will also minimize risks of switching the unit every now and then as most requirements were already covered even before the purchase. Agitate, mix, or blend samples with the BR5000 Everlast Rocker 247 from Benchmark Scientific that can accommodate up to 12 lbs of solutions. In the look out for something with a larger capacity? You can go for the SCI-R330-Pro LCD Digital See-Saw Rocker 9 angle from Scilogex.

Durable Mixers for Accelerated Efficiency

Draw accurate mixing and complete speed control with variable speed mixers such as the BR5000 Everlast Rocker 247 from Benchmark Scientific. Adjust from vigorous to gentle mixing as needed for QA analysis, production process, research and development, cell culture, microbiology, and routine mixing purposes with the Benchmark Scientific BR5000 see-saw rocker that dissolves samples with speed ranging from 3 RPM-80 RPM. If this see-saw rocker does not quite meet what you need, you might want to consider the SCI-R1807-S Digital See-Saw Rocker 7 angle from Scilogex with the same max speed and speed type but from a different and equally distinguished brand.

Trusted Laboratory Mixing for Your Application

Don't confuse yourself with different types of lab mixing equipment available in the market today. Most clinical workrooms and analytical research centers require consistent mixing of solutions or samples on a daily basis. Make sure you achieve results that can be reproduced by choosing the best-suited mixer from a multitude of options available in the market. The BR5000 Everlast Rocker 247 from Benchmark Scientific that features an analog control showcases a steady, rocking mixing motion, a tilt angle of 20°C, and a temperature range up to a max of 65°C to deliver applications including western blots, immune precipitations, and gel staining as well as de-staining.

Better Mixing with Best Features

Mixing Movement Mixing Movement

Samples and fluids are fully agitated by this Benchmark Scientific see-saw rocker with a rocking mixing motion.

Mixer Control Mixer Control

Set the correct laboratory mixer settings with the Benchmark Scientific BR5000 by use of its analog control.

Mixer Speed Type Mixer Speed Type

Lower or raise operational speed with this mixer delivering variable speed from 3 RPM to 80 RPM.

  • Everlast™ 5 year warranty

  • Extra-large 16 x 12 in. work surface

  • Stainless-steel platform

  • Dual platform accessory doubles work surface

  • Cold room and incubator safe

With an unprecedented 5 year limited warranty, Benchmark’s Everlast 247 Rocker is built to last. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week . . . No problem! The powerful motor and heavy-duty drive system remain reliable and consistent, even under constant usage in a cold room (min. 0°C) or incubator (max. 65°C).

The rocking speed and tilt angle can easily be adjusted to vary between gentle and aggressive agitation. Both the standard platform and the (optional) stacking platform are constructed of stainless steel, preventing against any rusting or corrosion. The Everlast 247 is designed to provide years of uninterrupted service.

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Brushless DC motor: No
CE approved: No
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Analog
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz): 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V): 115
Electrical Min Frequency (Hz): 50
Timer: No
[Lab Mixer] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 12
[Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 80
[Lab Mixer] Max Temp Range (°C): 65
[Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 3
[Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Rocking
[Lab Mixer] Platform Size (in): 16
[Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed
[Lab Mixer] Tilt Angle: 20
[Lab Mixer] Type: See-saw Rocker

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