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Brandtech pipettes are feature packed, user-friendly, and suitable for use in a range of liquid handling protocols. Ergonomically designed to lower risks of repetitive strain injuries, chemical-resistant, and offering superior performance, these fully autoclavable units ensure optimal results in sample preparation applications. CE-IVD compliant Brandtech pipettes also guarantee easy calibration and hassle-free operation.

Lab.Equipment showcases an extensive collection of manual Brandtech Transferpette S pipettes best for basic liquid handling tasks. We carry single channel Transferpette S pipettes that can dispense variable or fixed volumes as well as multichannel Transferpette S pipettes that offer adjustable volumes for improved lab productivity. If you are looking for more advanced models that can increase lab efficiency, Lab.Equipment also presents electronic Transferpette pipettes. Reduce costly user errors with single channel Brandtech Transferpette pipettes and ensure accuracy and precision when doing repetitive pipetting tasks through multi-channel Brandtech Transferpette pipettes available.

Check out the best suited Bradtech pipette for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Brandtech Transferpette S Pipettes

Transferpette® S Series comprises of 0.1µL to 10mL single channel pipettors, and 0.5µL to 300µL 8-channel and 12-channel pipettors in manual operation system. All models accommodate universal tips for superior convenience and cost-efficient application costs.

Brandtech Transferpette Electronic Pipettes

Transferpette® Series comprises of 0.5µL to 5mL single channel pipettors, and 0.5µL to 300µL 8-channel and 12-channel pipettors in electronic operation system. All models can perform a minimum of 4,000 cycles between battery charges for flawless pipetting.

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