Brandtech Transferpette S Pipettes

Transferpette® S Series comprises of 0.1µL to 10mL single channel pipettors, and 0.5µL to 300µL 8-channel and 12-channel pipettors in manual operation system. All models accommodate universal tips for superior convenience and cost-efficient application costs.

Lab.Equipment showcases a wide array of high-performing lab pipettes included in Brandtech's Transferpette® Series. Featuring an ergonomic design, these pipettes are created for easy operation facilitated by relaxed hand motions. Instrument controls are strategically located for effective pipetting with slight movements of a single hand to reduce effort in manipulation. Lightweight yet durable materials are used in constructing Transferpette® pipettes to decrease weight and guarantee accurate performance.

Transferpette® enables thumb-tip volume adjustment, even with gloves on, to fine-tune volume without the need to shift your hand. The pipettes feature a volume break to safeguard against accidental volume alterations. Clear and accurate volume settings are presented in a 4-digit display positioned for maximum user visibility during pipetting activities. These pipettes also allow pipetting from any angle with a manifold capable of rotating 360° in any direction.

Each Transferpette pipette is equipped with an enhanced O-ring design which reduces ejection force to avoid strain, perfectly compatible with premium pipette tips. The Transferpette® Series is engineered with quality materials capable of delivering chemical resistance and stability while being lightweight. Moreover, these pipettes are repeatedly autoclavable at 121°C without requiring disassembly. Choose from single and multi-channel varieties to match your specific requirements!

Shop a range of Brandtech Transferpette® S lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect pipetting instrument for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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