Broken Sleep Predicts Hardened Blood Vessels

June 11, 2020 | Biology

Lab.Equipment has your daily Bio news covered. This week's article is sourced from PLOS Biology:

by Raphael Vallat, Vyoma D. Shah, Susan Redline, Peter Attia, Matthew P. Walker

Why does poor-quality sleep lead to atherosclerosis? In a diverse sample of over 1,600 individuals, we describe a pathway wherein sleep fragmentation raises inflammatory-related white blood cell counts (neutrophils and monocytes), thereby increasing atherosclerosis severity, even when other common risk factors have been accounted for. Improving sleep quality may thus represent one preventive strategy for lowering inflammatory status and thus atherosclerosis risk, reinforcing public health policies focused on sleep health... Want to read more? Read the entire article in the Public Library of Science Biology Blog.

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