BT4011 Orbi-Shaker CO2 XL from Benchmark Scientific

Speed Type Variable Speed
Min Speed (RPM) 30
Max Speed (RPM) 300
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 14
Alarms No
RS-232 No
Platform Length (in) 12
Platform Width (in) 13
Display Touch Screen
CE Marked No
CETLus Marked No
CTUVus Marked No
Orbit Diameter (mm) 19
Remote Control No

Laboratory shakers are crucial in mixing and agitating various substances in the lab. Although used so regularly, these equipment are often not given much importance. A lot of people do not focus on them, at least not until their current unit gives up or until users have to put up a new lab. With an extensive range of shaker options in the market nowadays, finding the right one for your application can be quite an intimidating task. Lab.Equipment understands your struggle and that is why we are here to simplify everything for you. Explore more about the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker below to see if it fits your laboratory applications. If you are still looking for another shaker, you can always browse through our frequently asked questions, reviews, and easily compare the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL  Shaker with all other lab shakers available.

Lab.Equipment has 15 lab shaker units from Benchmark Scientific, one of the major lab manufacturers in the market nowadays. With expertise on lab shakers and a wide online reach, rest assured that we'll always present you with the latest and best-curated product information. Forget dealing with distributors that only offer exaggerated terms and meaningless catchwords to make their portfolio look good. Let us cut through the noise and guide you in purchasing the best laboratory shaker without sacrificing your budget and time.

What type of lab shaker is the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker?

The Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker Shaker is known as a Digital Orbital shaker.

What is the platform size of the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker?

Fit a good number of flasks, tubes, and other sample containers on the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker has its platform is 13 by 13 in size.

Need a PDF quote for the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker?

Easily fill out the "Instant Quote" tool located above and we'll quickly email the quote straight to your inbox. We guarantee no high-pressure sales representatives to contact you!

How much shaking speed can the BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker perform?

The Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker has a shaking power ranging from 30 RPM to 300 RPM, which you can adjust to fit your requirements via its digital controls.

Is this shaker model suitable for applications that require precise shaking?

The Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker is a digital unit featuring touch screen for excellent data collection, management and readout, the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker can give you more control over your shaking application and make way for reproducible results. So yes, go get the Benchmark Scientific BT4011 Orbi-Shaker C02 XL Shaker.

  • Designed to fit and maximize capacity in most C02 incubators 
  • Remote controlled, adjust settings without disrupting the CO2 environment
  • Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing 
  • Instantly exchange flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories (PATENTED) 

The new Orbi-Shaker CO2 series is designed for shaking, mixing& aeration applications in extreme environments, including CO2 incubators. It can withstand temperatures from 0 to 60°C and humidity levels up to 100%.

To avoid contamination, unintentional release of gas or deviations from protocol, all settings are adjusted via the included remote control module. This module can be stored outside of the chamber and connects to the shaker via a flat (1mm thickness) cable, that easily passes through a port or underneath an incubator door without compromising the seal. This allows for user adjustment of run time or mixing speed without opening the chamber door(s).

The instrument is supplied with a non-slip rubber mat platform. In addition, convenient MAGic Clamp™ platforms (of multiple sizes) are also available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique magnetic attachment method (PATENTED) has been widely recognized as the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes.

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Electrical Max Frequency (Hz): 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V): 115
Electrical Min Frequency (Hz): 50
Electrical Min Voltage (V): 230
[Shakers] Alarms: No
[Shakers] CE Marked: No
[Shakers] CETLus Marked: No
[Shakers] CTUVus Marked: No
[Shakers] Display: Touch Screen
[Shakers] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 14
[Shakers] Max Speed (RPM): 300
[Shakers] Min Speed (RPM): 30
[Shakers] Orbit Diameter (mm): 19
[Shakers] Platform Length (in): 12
[Shakers] Platform Width (in): 13
[Shakers] RS-232: No
[Shakers] Remote Control: No
[Shakers] Shaking Motion: Orbital
[Shakers] Speed Increment (RPM): 1
[Shakers] Speed Type: Variable Speed
[Shakers] USB: No

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