BV1010 BenchMixer XL Multi-Tube Vortexer from Benchmark Scientific

Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Orbital
Min Speed (RPM) 500
Max Speed (RPM) 2500
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 3.3
Min Temp Range (°C) 4
Max Temp Range (°C) 65
Timer Yes
Platform Size (in) 12
Orbit Diameter (mm) 3.6
Brushless DC motor No
Display LCD
CE approved No
CSA approved No

Best Mixing for Unparalleled Results

Hitting on the suitable laboratory mixer for your scientific or medical institution, laboratory, or university need not to be a distressing task. Examining your sample types, amount of samples, as well as the present and future applications you will be working with can help you acquire the most apt a model for your sample preparation and testing, as well as other experiments. Doing so not only leads you to the best options possible but at the same time reduces instances of product replacements because of changes in your application requirements. If you are in search of a Benchmark Scientific mixer to dissolve, homogenize, emulsify, or mix samples not exceeding 3.3 lbs, then the BV1010 BenchMixer XL Multi-Tube Vortexer from Benchmark Scientific is the right one for you to go for. Leaning towards a mixer that can carry more solution? You can check out the MX-T6-Pro LCD Digital Tube Roller from Scilogex instead.

Escalate Lab Performance with Robust Laboratory Mixers

For industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and electronics, lab mixers are required for production purposes, QA analysis, as well as research and development. If you aim to accomplish maximum mixing efficiency and productivity, always take note of the speed range and speed type before making a decision on what mixer to cop. Take advantage of clear-cut mixing while having the capability of changing your settings to gently or vigorously mix samples with the BV1010 BenchMixer XL Multi-Tube Vortexer from Benchmark Scientific that can run from 500 RPM to 2500 RPM. A variable speed vortex mixer, the Benchmark Scientific BV1010 is also highly recommended for labs that often work on life science, cell culture, and microbiology tasks. Still undecided if this is the lab mixer for you? You may well want to look at a unit with a higher maximum RPM from the same series and brand like the BV1000 BenchMixer Vortex Mixer from Benchmark Scientific.

Functional Lab Mixing for Every Application

With an infinite number of sample solubilities, solutions, and viscosities labs around the world work on everyday, don’t be shocked to see different types of laboratory mixing instruments available in the market. Make sure you know how mixer types differ. For rapid sample agitation and mixing, the correct laboratory mixing equipment would be vortex mixers. With the capability of mixing reagents, suspending cells, as well as mixing samples and diluent in beakers or small vials, vortexers are suitable for bioscience, biochemical, and analytical applications to name a few. Acquire results that can be easily reproduced with a digital vortex mixer that operates in an orbital motion like the BV1010 BenchMixer XL Multi-Tube Vortexer from Benchmark Scientific. This Benchmark Scientific vortex mixer can be used for various bioscience activities including denaturation of DNA, RNA, and proteins, enzyme reactions, plasmid isolation, and more. Incubating cultures is never an issue with this Benchmark Scientific unit as it can yield exact temperatures ranging from 4°C - 65°C.

Streamlined Mixing with Purpose-Built Features

Mixer Display Display

Keep an eye on operations of your mixer better through the Benchmark Scientific BV1010 with a durable LCD screen.

Mixing Movement Mixing Movement

Mix samples and fluids carefully through this Benchmark Scientific vortex mixer that showcases an orbital mixing action.

Mixer Control Mixer Control

Set the correct laboratory mixer settings with the Benchmark Scientific BV1010 by use of its digital control.

Mixer Speed Type Mixer Speed Type

Start from one speed and then shift to another with this variable speed mixer capable of adjusting from 500 RPM to 2500 RPM.

Timer Timer

Effortlessly set the length of time you want the mixer to run with the unit's built-in timer.

  •  Hands-free, high capacity vortexing

  • Up to 2500rpm, a true vortex in every tube

  • Assortment of accessories for a variety of tubes, flasks & plates

  • Pulsing program for interval mixing

  • Fits almost any tube rack

The BenchMixer™ XL is a heavy duty vortex mixer designed to facilitate hands-free mixing in tubes, flasks, vials or cylinders. It is ideal for the QuEChERS pesticide analysis method and is instantly adaptable to an exceptionally broad range of vessels, racks and applications (horizontal or vertical). The precisely balanced drive system includes an oversized motor that delivers accurate, reproducible speeds up to 2500rpm with rattle-free operation and minimal vibration. The programmable pulsing function allows for time specific interval mixing, increasing agitation.

The 7×12 inch platform accommodates a wide variety of standard, pre-drilled tube racks (a complete listing can be found in the ordering information section below). Additionally, BenchMixer XL can easily be adapted to almost any type of vessel commonly found in the laboratory (contact us for details).

Using BenchMixer XL is easy; after loading the sample rack and tightening the locking knobs, select the desired speed and run time on the large digital control panel. Then, simply press “Start” and the BenchMixer XL will perform unattended mixing for up to 100 hours.

BenchMixer XL’s large capacity and adaptability make it an ideal choice for the medium to high throughput laboratory.

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Brushless DC motor: No
CE approved: No
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz): 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V): 240
Electrical Min Frequency (Hz): 50
Electrical Min Voltage (V): 100
Timer: Yes
[Lab Mixer] Display: LCD
[Lab Mixer] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 3.3
[Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 2500
[Lab Mixer] Max Temp Range (°C): 65
[Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 500
[Lab Mixer] Min Temp Range (°C): 4
[Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Orbital
[Lab Mixer] Orbit Diameter (mm): 3.6
[Lab Mixer] Platform Size (in): 12
[Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed
[Lab Mixer] Type: Vortex

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