Choosing the right casework materials for your sink and cabinet finishes

April 15, 2023 | Lab Furniture

Selection of materials that are durable and have flexible casework qualities is a good strategy in maximizing your lab budget and resources. As with lab countertops, sinks and cabinets are also the most commonly used areas during lab work. Lab Design News offered the following tips and options of the right casework materials:


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Stainless steel

  • Most popular choice

  • Easy to care and maintain

  • Chemical- and corrosion-resistant


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  • Less expensive option

  • Offers better resistance to harsh chemicals

  • Cracks with thermal shock (care need to be taken when dealing with dry ice)

Cabinet finishes

Mobile cabinetry has become a standard in modern labs as it offers flexibility and adaptability in both research and academic labs. Here are some cabinetry material choices that are part of the system that can best suit the needs of your lab:

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Stainless steel

  • High fungal and moisture resistance

  • Expensive (limits its use to areas that really need it including containment, autopsy, animal research, chemical, food testing, cleanroom, and hospital/medical/pharmaceutical labs)

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  • Powder coating makes it corrosion-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant and prevents chipping, peeling, or checking

  • Heavy duty

  • High fungal and moisture resistance

  •  Application spans in all kinds of labs (industrial, academic, medical research, and R&D)  

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  • Traditional method and tool for creating lab casework.

  • Attractive and gives warmth to the lab (solids and veneers available in different wood varieties)

  • New finishes resist wear and tear but does not offer the resistance of steel

  • Used only with low VOC materials, finishes, and adhesives


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  • Low price

  • Good for light duty and dry labs

  • Limited use because of low resistance to heat, moisture, chemicals, bacteria, and everyday abuse

  • For durability and moisture resistance, the substrate material should be seven-ply hardwood plywood core

 Choosing the right materials for your lab will ensure that you get the most out of your resources and that you will achieve optimum performance.

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