Clinicopathological Significance of Nerves in Esophageal Cancer

June 02, 2020 | Histopathology

First appearing on The American Journal of Pathology, here is what Lab.Equipment has curated for your day-to-day Histopathology industry news fix:

Nerves are emerging promoters of cancer progression, but the innervation of esophageal cancer and its clinicopathological significance remain unclear. In this study, nerves were investigated by immunohistochemistry in a cohort of 260 esophageal cancers, including 40 matched lymph node metastases and 137 normal adjacent esophageal tissues. Nerves were detected in 38% of esophageal cancers and were more associated with squamous cell carcinomas (p=0.04). The surrounding or invasion of nerves by cancer cells (perineural invasion) was detected in 12% of esophageal cancers and was associated with reduced survival (p=0.04)... You can find the full article in The American Journal of Pathology Blog.

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