Compact LabRoller Rotator from Labnet International

Labnet H5100
Controls (Digital/Analog) Analog
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Rolling
Min Speed (RPM) 3
Max Speed (RPM) 60
Min Temp Range (°C) 4
Max Temp Range (°C) 65
Timer No
Brushless DC motor No
CE approved No
CSA approved No

Expand Laboratory Throughput with Durable Lab Mixers

Observe accurate mixing and full speed control with variable speed mixers such as the Compact LabRoller Rotator from Labnet International. Shift from vigorous to gentle mixing as needed for production process, research and development, cell culture, microbiology, routine mixing tasks, and quality assurance purposes with the The Lab Depot H5100 tube rotator that agitates samples with speed ranging from 3 RPM to 60 RPM. If you want to look at another model, you might want to evaluate the LabRoller Rotator from Labnet International with the same speed type and max speed from the same series and brand

Top Level and Simplified Lab Mixing No Matter What Application

Don't be confused with varying types of laboratory mixing equipment available in the market. Most scientific labs and clinical facilitites rely on tube rotators when working on biosamples that need to be turned end over end. A great choice for protein binding, blood sample mixing, resuspension, nucleic acid purification, and other molecular biology applications, tube rotators like the analog Compact LabRoller Rotator from Labnet International makes way for slow to intense mixing. The The Lab Depot model can also be utilized to maintain temperatures ranging from 4°C - 65°C for activities requiring precise and accurate temperature control.

Better Mixing with Key Features

Mixing Movement Mixing Movement

Samples and fluids are completely agitated by this The Lab Depot tube rotator with a rolling mixing movement.

Mixer Control Mixer Control

Adjust speed settings based on what your application requires by use of this model's analog control.

Mixer Speed Type Mixer Speed Type

This variable speed mixer allows speed re-adjustment while in operation from 3 RPM to 60 RPM.

Heavy Duty and Adjustable Lab Rotator

Labnet's LabRoller™ Laboratory Roller mixer can be used on the bench for general mixing applications and Western blotting. They can also be placed in temperature controlled environments, from 4° to 65°C, expanding their use to Northern and Southern hybridizations. The rotation speed is variable, from 0 to 50rpm, to provide the specific level of agitation required for a variety of applications. A three hour timer with hold position controls operation.

LabRoller™ Lab Rotator Product Features

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Variable speed and adjustable rotation axis
  • Optional accessories include rotisseries and a rocking platform
  • Safe for use in temperature controlled environments

The angle of the rotation axis is continuously adjustable from the horizontal position to a vertical position (90°). Along with the variable speed, this angle adjustment allows for precise control over the level of agitation. Two versions of the LabRoller™ Rotator are available. The standard model accepts rotisseries, carousels and a rocking platform. The compact version accepts only the carousels. A variety of rotisseries and carousels are available to hold sample containers such as hybridization bottles, 15 and 50 ml tubes, blood tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks.

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Brushless DC motor: No
CE approved: No
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Analog
Timer: No
[Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 60
[Lab Mixer] Max Temp Range (°C): 65
[Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 3
[Lab Mixer] Min Temp Range (°C): 4
[Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Rolling
[Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed

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