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March 23, 2023 | Lab Furniture

Specialized equipment, such as fume hoods, used for learning, research and manufacturing, often take the limelight in laboratories. But labs are also home to other types of furniture that are designed to specifically fit in the lab environment.

Here are some equipment that could streamline your lab operations:

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Serving as storage units, there are various types of lab cabinets specifically designed for a certain function:

  1. Chemical cabinets are made up of anti-corrosive, fire-retardant materials lined with other safety properties which enable it to store and withstand specific chemicals.

  2. Mobile cabinets allow for more flexibility and are designed to be moved from one station to another.

  3. General cabinets are for general storage and they can be custom built or standard according to your lab’s needs. 

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These pieces of equipment are ideal for moving and storing volatile substances from one workstation to another with relative ease. 

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Also known as built-in cabinets, casework can be designed according to lab specifications and dimensions. They can be made with a variety of materials depending on the type of lab work done within the space. 

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Modular casework

Having the same look and feel as built-in cabinets, this type can be moved around without the need for massive deconstruction. Its flexible and economical option for those labs who are undergoing constant renovation due to the nature of work involved or for those growing labs who continuously expand. 

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This is where most of the work - research, experiments, and tests gets done. Just like cabinets, they are made up of special materials that allow them to withstand heat and corrosion. 

Incorporating these modern equipment in your labspace enhances your team’s safety, saves you from unnecessary maintenance costs, elevates integration, improves accuracy and optimizes efficiency.

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