CTG 1202 Precision Scale from Aczet

Aczet CTG 1202
Readability (mg) 10
Capacity (g) 1200
Repeatability (mg) 30
Pan Size (mm) 118
Internal Calibration Yes
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi No
Ethernet No
Display Alpha Numeric LCD
Mobile App No

With various options available when procuring a 10mg readability Precision Scale, Lab.Equipment is going to cut the frills for you! The Aczet Precision CTG 1202 might be the optimal solution for refining your lab operations and process, but if not, you can surely discover the right unit for your application requirements through our FAQ, review, and comparison of the CTG 1202 to other Precision Scales so continue reading below.

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How accurate and sensitive is the Aczet CTG 1202 Precision Scale against other 10mg readability balances available?

CTG 1202 Readability

With a readability of 10mg, the CTG 1202 is designed to handle most simple weighing tasks within your lab. The CTG 1202 is part of the Aczet Precision series ideal for applications like laboratory testing and chemical analysis.

How precise is the CTG 1202 Precision Scale in comparison with other 10mg readability balances?

CTG 1202 Repeatability

The CTG 1202 offers 30mg repeatability. Often presented as standard deviation and essential to persistently producing the same results when the same weight is put on the lab balance multiple times, repeatability is one factor that can show accuracy and validity.

What is the response time of the CTG 1202 Precision Scale compared to other 10mg readability balances?

CTG 1202 Stabilization Time

The time that the CTG 1202 balance takes to stabilize from the time you put your sample on it and displays results is seconds.

Do you need a PDF quote for the Aczet CTG 1202 Precision Scale?

Easily use the Instant Quote tool above and you will get a quote emailed to your inbox within 30 seconds! We promise no high pressure sales representatives calling you.

How do you calibrate the CTG 1202?

Prevent notable variations when it comes to measuring results. Regular calibration is a breeze on the Aczet CTG 1202 thanks to its intuitive Internal Calibration.

What size of samples can I weigh on a CTG 1202 with a 10mg readability range?

CTG 1202 Pan Size

With a 118mm maximum diameter pan size

Weighing Capacity

With a weighing capacity of 1,200g, the CTG 1202 can handle quite larger samples compared to other models.

Other significant features of the Aczet CTG 1202 Precision Scale

CTG 1202 Display ScreenFeaturing an intuitive Alpha Numeric display, easily document measurements without the need to have the CTG 1202 connected to a computer.Accreditations of the Aczet CTG 1202 Precision Scale

The CTG 1202 is compliant to ISO regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions for the CTG 1202 Precision Scale:

Will the CTG 1202 connect to your printer?

Since the CTG 1202 does not have a USB port then you cannot connect a USB printer to it. However, you can connect an RS232 printer to the CTG 1202 serial port.

Can the CTG 1202 be connected to my lab's network?

The CTG 1202 does not have a built in Wi-Fi. Unfortunately the CTG 1202 is also lacking an ethernet port, so you are unable to connect it to your wired LAN as well.

Any questions on the Aczet CTG 1202 Analytical Balance that we missed answering for you here?

Don't hesitate to ask us via live chat to the right, our Contact Us page, or email help@lab.equipment and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a friendly response.

Precision Balances are made available with options of 2,00,000 internal resolutions and feature compact and space saving finish that make these deliver optimum functional support. The balances are also made available with standard RS 232c interface for data output as well as backlite LCD/LED display for easy viewing provision. The system also features option of auto - zero tracking and auto – calibration, provision of 8 different weighing units such as g, ct, tola as well as piece counting and percentage weighting function. These balances are provided with built-in rechargeable battery for continuous usage.

Standard Features

  • 2,00,000 internal resolutions.

  • Compact and space saving.

  • Standard rs 232c interface for data output.

  • Backlite lcd / led display for easy viewing function.

  • Auto - zero tracking, auto - calibration.

  • 8 different weighing units such as g, ct, tola etc.

  • Piece counting & percentage weighting function.

  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery for continues use.

The highly-acclaimed brand from Aczet is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions in segments including Laboratories and Pharmaceuticals and Research industries. Backed with more than 2 decades of technical expertise, Aczet has their own production facility supported by an in-house research and development team comprising of competent engineering professionals with backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, and software fields. Aczet specializes in crafting superior quality high precision micro, semi-micro, analytical and precision balances. The Mumbai-based brand also takes pride in completing product certifications including NTEP, OIML, EC type approval & CE from the most stringent internal certifying bodies, allowing Aczet to achieve world-class quality and operations in over 35 countries.

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Ethernet: No
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 1200
[Lab Balance] Display: Alpha Numeric LCD
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: No
[Lab Balance] GMP: No
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: Yes
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 118
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 10
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 30
[Lab Balance] USB: No
[Lab Balance] WiFi: No

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