CX 265A Analytical Balance from Aczet

Readability (mg) 0.01
Capacity (g) 80
Stabilization Time (sec) 2
Repeatability (mg) 0.02
Pan Size (mm) 85
Internal Calibration No
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi No
Ethernet No
Display Touch

With Better Sensitivity Comes Better Accuracy

Suitable for applications in plastics, food, and pharmaceutical industries, the Aczet CX 265A from the CX-A series introduces user-oriented sample weighing as it offers 0.01 mg readability. Distinguishing sample mass variations with a readabilty of 0.01 mg, the CX 265A Analytical Balance from Aczet promises not just the greatest value for your budget but also uncompromised weighing accuracy and performance. Not yet sure if this is the one you need? If you require something with a higher readability, opt for the MYA 21/52.4Y Microbalance from Radwag instead.

Reliable Precision for Infallible Measurement Values

Through the Aczet CX 265A balance that is supported with 0.02 mg repeatability, trouble-free analysis of mass measurements is made possible. The Aczet CX 265A lets you achieve consistent measurement values each and every time you weigh samples, even if the lab balance is operated by multiple users. For lab tasks that entail a higher repeatability balance, check out the CX 205A Analytical Balance from Aczet from the same CX-A series.

Uninterrupted Weighing Anywhere

Accommodate a variety of substances with the CX 265A Analytical Balance from Aczet that is equipped with a 85 mm pan and a maximum capacity of 80 g. Whatever samples you are working with, the Aczet CX 265A assures weighing precision through its external calibration feat, allowing recalibration using approved test weights at a cheaper cost in comparison to self-calibrating balances.. A good alternative if you require another unit with a higher capacity would be the CX 205A Analytical Balance from Aczet.

Noteworthy Features to Consider for Better Weighing

Touchscreen icon Touchscreen Display

Achieve efficiency through the Aczet CX 265A as it comes with an easy-to-control and intuitive touchscreen display. Well-illuminated, making it perfect even for rooms with poor lighting conditions, and with a bright display area, users are warranted clear data readout.

ISO compliant icon ISO Compliant

Conforming to a high quality risk-based process management system, this balance follows ISO standards as well as ISO compliant reports.

GMP Compliant icon GMP Compliant

Supporting GMP, the CX 265A Analytical Balance from Aczet prints out reports with complete traceability, covering weighing results, time, and operator details for every transaction. This makes the unit a good one for manufacturing, processing, packaging industries and more.

GLP Compliant icon GLP Compliant

This analytical balance offers GLP compliant reports including relevant data such as balance ID, time, date, and more that can help with your research checkpoints. This makes it easier to track activity history for quality assurances and data monitoring purposes.

Higher Efficiency At Your Hand

Get faster weighing results for magnified laboratory output and optimized processes through the CX 265A Analytical Balance from Aczet offering 2 seconds stabilization time. You can also quickly send acquired results to devices as the unit has built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces and ports.. Furthermore, this Aczet analytical balance renders GMP, GLP, and ISO compliant reports, saving you time spent reformatting these to focus on more important lab tasks.

Analytical balances of CX-A type has been designed on the basisi of new electronic modules and up-to-date technology. Measurement reliability and accuracy is assured by internal triggered by time or temperature conditions. Balances are equipped with spacious weighing chamber with automatically opened side glass doors (CX-A). Balances are operated by using a touch panel covering a colour graphic display CX-A scales Have Implemented new easily operated software. ISO / GLP / GMP Compliance.

The highly-acclaimed brand from Aczet is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions in segments including Laboratories and Pharmaceuticals and Research industries. Backed with more than 2 decades of technical expertise, Aczet has their own production facility supported by an in-house research and development team comprising of competent engineering professionals with backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, and software fields. Aczet specializes in crafting superior quality high precision micro, semi-micro, analytical and precision balances. The Mumbai-based brand also takes pride in completing product certifications including NTEP, OIML, EC type approval & CE from the most stringent internal certifying bodies, allowing Aczet to achieve world-class quality and operations in over 35 countries.

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Ethernet: No
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 80
[Lab Balance] Display: Touch
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: Yes
[Lab Balance] GMP: Yes
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: No
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 85
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 0.01
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 0.02
[Lab Balance] Stabilization Time (sec): 2
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: No

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