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August 27, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment presents various promo offers on Benchmark Scientific laboratory rotator, electrophoresis system, vortexer, shaker, mini centrifuge, and incubator inclusive of free shipping. Save up to more than $300 and receive discounts and/or freebies upon checkout. Back-to-School Budget Savers promo runs from August 27 until September 7, 2018 only.

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Mechanics

  1. Browse through 6 different promo offers and find the laboratory rotator, electrophoresis system, vortexer, shaker, mini centrifuge, and incubator that suits your application.

  2. Use the promo code “BACK2SCHOOL” before you complete your purchase.

  3. Expect to receive your order of Benchmark Scientific lab equipment with discount and/or freebies to be delivered to your registered shipping address. All orders are inclusive of free shipping.

Promo Offer: Benchmark Scientific Laboratory Rotator, Electrophoresis System, Vortexer, Shaker, Mini Centrifuge, and Incubator with Discounts and Freebies

Get a Free Roto-Mini™ Multipurpose Rotator with Tube Holders for Every Roto-Therm Plus Incubated Mixer

Save $339 when you purchase the Benchmark Scientific Roto-Therm Plus Incubated Mixer ideal for mixing small amounts of samples in microbiology, biochemical, cell culture, and bioscience laboratories. The incubated mixer features a temperature control of up to 60°C, tube holders twist to switch between vertical or horizontal motion, and a built-in mixing modes including oscillate, pause, and rock.

Redeem 31.5% Discount on myGel Mini™ Complete Electrophoresis System

Save $156 when you buy the Benchmark Scientific myGel Mini™ Complete Electrophoresis System designed for personal use, in school classroom and small laboratories. The unit comes with a vented safety lid for easy dissipation of heat during electrophoresis, a timer for continuous operation, and a viewing area above the gel.

Buy 1 Get 1 of Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer with Multi-Head

Save $269 on the Benchmark Scientific Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer with Multihead used for consistent and even mixing of small volumes of substances for microbiology, cell culture, biochemical, and bioscience industries. With hands-free microtube vortexing feature, the vortex mixer Q-Drive dynamic balancing system for minimized vibration, instant vortexing of tubes up to 50ml, and a continuous or torch operation.

Score a Free Stacking Platform when you purchase BenchWaver 3D Shaker

Save $503 on the Benchmark Scientific BenchWaver 3D Shaker recommended for uniform mixing of small volumes of liquids in bioscience, analytical, microbiology, biochemical, and cell culture laboratories. The BenchWaver 3D Shaker provides an adjustable speed of 5 RPM to 105 RPM, flexible tilt at 0 to ±10°, and a digital control.

Grab a Free Vornado™ Mini Vortex Mixer when you shop the myFuge™ 12 Centrifuge with Combi-Rotor

Save $189 on the Benchmark Scientific myFuge™ 12 Centrifuge perfect for sample preparation, microplate processing, cell and tissue culture, and other clinical applications. It comes with a unique COMBI-rotor accepting 1.5 or 2.0ml tubes and 0.2ml tubes per strips. The myFuge™ 12 Centrifuge has twice the capacity of traditional mini centrifuges commonly used in the lab.

Receive a Free Block for every purchase of myBlock™ Mini

Save $79 on the Benchmark Scientific myBlock™ Mini that can accommodate tubes ranging from 0.2ml to 50ml, equipped with digital control touch pad operation, features heat only or heat/cool.

Be the champ in your lab with these budget savers from Lab.Equipment! Grab our discounts and freebies for Benchmark Scientific products that come with free shipping. Back-to-School Budget Savers are available from August 27 to September 7, 2018 only. Hurry before promo expires!

Grab Budget Savers Here!

About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Benchmark Scientific is a popular American brand of high-quality and cost-effective lab equipment including thermal cyclers, benchtop centrifuges, homogenizers, autoclaves, incubators, vortex mixers, and more. They have been providing innovative solutions to help achieve lab productivity, safety, and reliable results for molecular labs, life science research facilities, clinical labs, and the academe. Check out all available Benchmark Scientific laboratory products on Lab.Equipment here.

See below the list of participating products in the Back-to-School Budget Savers promo:

Ads on Google and Facebook

The promo ads across various advertising platforms target Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list in the US. Through specific audience targeting, Lab.Equipment ensures that the promo ads are delivered to lab professionals who have shown interest in the website and products. Visitors are directed to the promo page presenting the mechanics and list of Benchmark Scientific centrifuges, incubated rotators, rockers, and mixers once the ad is clicked.

Single Image and Collection Ads on Facebook

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Facebook Ads

On Facebook, Back-to-School Budget Savers promo uses single image and collection ad formats with the promo code shown at the bottom of each ad. These are scheduled to appear at a particular time during weekdays.

Google Shopping Ads

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads for Back-to-School Budget Savers are available in USA to let lab professionals learn about Lab.Equipment’s discount and freebies offers for Benchmark Scientific centrifuges, incubated rotators, rockers, and mixers.

Gmail Ads

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Gmail Ads

Gmail interactive ads are shown in a more personal way as it is located at the top of the inbox tabs of the audiences’ email account. Once clicked, these ads open just like a regular email showcasing the promo details and Benchmark Scientific centrifuges, incubated rotators, rockers, and mixers with buttons going to its designated pages on Lab.Equipment.

Animated Banners on Google

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo GDN

Google Display animated ads for Back-to-School Budget Savers promo are laid out in different banner dimensions to be effectively positioned on various mobile and desktop placements. With Google Display Network, Lab.Equipment can show the promo banner ads on Google’s partner websites that are viewed by old Lab.Equipment visitors to remind them about the promo.

Promotional Email

Back-to-School Budget Savers Email Design

Email marketing is Lab.Equipment’s another strategy to promote Back-to-School Budget Savers. Lab professionals in the email list are the first ones to know about the promo through the e-blast containing the discounts, freebies, and other important details with call-to-action buttons linked to the respective product pages.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

New and returning website visitors can easily discover the Back-to-School Budget Savers promo and access its promo page with the on-page merchandising creatives purposely designed and placed throughout the website. For this promo, the on-page merchandising creatives are as follows:

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Hero Image

A hero image on the slider of the homepage allowing users to quickly discover the promo as soon as they enter Lab.Equipment.

Mega Menu Promo Banner

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Mega Menu Banner

A promo banner is implemented on mega menus related to Benchmark Scientific and its participating products only. In the case of Back-to-School Budget Savers promo, the mega manu banners are on Pipette, Applications, and Brands menus.

Sidebar Promo Banner on Product Category Pages

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Sidebar Banner

Promo banners on the sidebar of the Benchmark Scientific Lab Autoclaves, Lab Centrifuges, and Lab Mixers pages aim to inform interested shoppers of these product categories about the Back-to-School Budget Savers promo, helping them make the most out of their lab budget. Sidebar banners are also present on related pages like the Benchmark Scientific brand page.

Product Page Promo Banner

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promo Product Page Banner

A promo banner is displayed on top of every product page of Benchmark Scientific lab centrifuges, incubated rotators, 3D rockers, magnetic stirrers, vortex mixers, and other related products to let customers know about the promo for the products they are browsing.

Discount Badges

Back-to-School Budget Savers Promotional Badge

Promotional badges are displayed prominently on the product images for customers to see which products are part of the promo.

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