Dock and Harbor: A Novel Mechanism for Controlling Genes

May 22, 2020 | Biotechnology

Today, Lab.Equipment has curated a new Bio Technology article published from Phys.Org for you:

The genetic information within cells makes individuals unique. The cell nucleus has a complex structure that harbors this genetic information. The main component of the nucleus is chromatin, an intercalated pool of genes and proteins. Promyelocytic leukemia (PML) bodies are structures found closely associated with chromatin, suggesting that they may be involved with genetic function. However, the exact nature of the relationship between PML bodies and genes is unknown. In research conducted by a team at National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) led by Yusuke Miyanari who recently joined NanoLSI at Kanazawa University, shows how PML bodies can modulate certain genes and the potential implications of these actions.... More of this in the Phys.Org Blog.

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