DUAL Workstation for Pipettes (with XA 52.4Y.A.P & MYA 21.4Y.P) from Radwag

Radwag WL-101-0109

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The Highest Measurement Accuracy

An integral part of the pipettes calibration workstation is either MYA 4Y.P microbalance or XA 4Y.A.P analytical balance, both featuring a special adapter for pipettes calibration. The devices are characteristic for their evaporation rings limiting pipette calibration errors to the minimum. After dismantling of the adapter, the MYA 4Y.P as well as the XA 4Y.A.P can be used for performance of standard weighing processes.

High Resistance to Ground Vibrations

An in-built anti-vibration table featuring granite top prevents potential ground vibrations from being transferred to the microbalance. With this solution stabilization time shortens considerably. Separation of chipboard-made table components from anti-vibration frame blocks vibrations being an eff ect of user operation.

Ambient Conditions Monitoring

Set of probes, used to measure humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature of air and distilled water, uninterruptedly monitors ambient conditions. This guarantees absolute reliability of carried out measurements.

Computer Support for Pipettes Calibration Process

Pipettes PC Software facilitates automation of pipettes calibration process carried out using gravimetric method, accordant with an international standard, ISO 8655-6. In compliance with ISO 10012 Standard, the software enables generating reports on calibration, archiving measurements’ results and overall pipettes’ management.

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