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Radwag WX-010-0051

E2R PGC is a module of E2R SYSTEM designed to connect with RADWAG balances carrying out PGC control. The system synchronizes databases of products, operators and schedules, and records measuring results and PGC controls carried out on the balances linked in ETHERNET network. 

Innovative and extended functionality of the module ensures complex support, automation and control of the production processes. The system enables monitoring of particular balances in real time, starting new controls remotely and previewing the analysis of archival controls in a form of reports and graphs. Innovative technology guarantees reliability of the system operation and safety of the obtained information. Data saved by the weighing instrument is sent to a computer database, based on Microsoft SQL. Using the application it is possible to control access of system users centrally. The system can integrate, in terms of data exchange, with external IT systems. User-friendly and intuitive environment guarantees comfort of operation and wide range of functions.

For products with average tare the software provides either an integrated module for tare verification, initiated on the balance prior to PGC control, or manual module, used via software. Information on carried out tare control is stored as average tare reports.

Each weighing instrument is an independent workstation, able to operate continuously even in case of network or server breakdowns. Information on the control process is sent on a regular basis to a computer program. All messages regarding control process are simultaneously displayed on the balance and computer screens. Reports on carried out control processes are saved to the weighing instrument and to the database.

The operator decides about control start. This ensures his independence from the computer software. A control initiated using balance is automatically finished after a pre-set packages quantity (samples) has been controlled.Upon control finish, standard or detailed reports can be generated. The reports contain all crucial information on pre-packaged goods control.

Like other E2R SYSTEM modules, also E2R PGC is a multi-workstation software that can integrate with many scales and computers.

Collected data allows you to assess quality of produced pre-packaged goods and their conformity with:   

  • Pre-Packaged Goods' regulation of 7th May 2009 (Journal of Laws No 91, item 740), on the requirements concerning quantity inspection of pre-packaged goods control, which inspection is to be carried out by means of random selection of the measurements results and sending those results to pre-packaged goods control procedure, and with 76/211/EEC directive and WELMEC 6.4  section: Guide for packers and importers of e-marked prepacked products.

  • a company quality control system (internal control) that can me modified in terms of:

    • batch quantity,

    • values of negative T errors,

    • values of positive T errors,

    • quantity of negative and positive T and 2T errors disqualifying the control,

    • quantity of packages in tare control module,

    • coefficient for calculation of permissible average limit,  

  • "Wk" factor for calculating the qualifying value,

  •   average negative and positive limit value.

The software enables 2 ways of control start

  • the operator starts the control process by sending respective information to the software,

  • the operator of the computer software starts the control process by determining the balance on which the control is to be carried out and confirming the process on the balance.  

The computer software enables control in accordance with the following methods

  • control with average tare:

    • Non-destructive average tare

  • control with variable tare:

    • Non-destructive Empty-Full             

    • Destructive Full-Empty             

    •  Destructive Empty-Full

E2R PGC functions

  • Safe and continuous record of measurements and controls on workstations,

  • Caching of weighings and controls on weighing instruments and sending them to a computer,

  • Integration with the production environment and company administration (external programs for: stockpiling, billing, accounting, ERP systems),

  • Direct operation on production halls,

  • Integration with RADWAG weighing systems,


  • Product control in g and ml;

  • Destructive and non-destructive control methods;

  • Automation of the control process;

  • Operator's errors control;

  • Two-platform scales operation;

  • Two controls on one workstation;

  • Synchronization of time on the workstations;

  • Sending databases from a computer to weighing instruments: Products, Operators, time schedules;

  • Schedule for periodic product control on selected weighing instrument;

  • Reminder about carrying out measurement in an on-going control (signalling option);

  • Average tare module for verification of tare correctness and determination of tare;

  • Determination of the average tare prior to each control or for a set time interval;

  • Record of weighings and controls obtained from the weighing instruments and saving them to a computer;

  • Preview of current state of the weighing instrument and the control in the system;

  • Measurement record locked for out-of-tolerance tare;

  • Measurement record locked for out-of-tolerance net weight;

  • Data exchange between external systems;

  • User-friendly and flexible reporting mechanisms;

    • Generating information on measurements and archived controls from a particular time interval;

    • Data browsing using filtering option;

    • Summary of selected weighing-related information;

    • Reports of single weighings;

    • Determining weighing reports headers;

    • Creating statistical reports of weighings;

    • Changing batch quantity in the control in accordance with the statutory ranges criteria

    • Changing batch number in the control

    • Adding individual comments to control report.

  • Export of control and weighing reports to the following formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT and other;

  • Customization of permission levels for particular operators,

  • Customization of graphic interface layout, reports and graphs;

  • Multilingual system components;

  • Operation in Ethernet, Wi-Fi networks,

E2R PGC system enables preparing reports containing all crucial information on carried out controls, e.g.:

  • standard report of the single product control,

  • detailed report of the single product control with measurements, 

  • standard report with graph presenting control measurements,

  • report of stability of the control technological process (Cp, Cpg, Cpd),

  • report of control from selected time interval,

  • report of average tare control,

  • brief summary report, detailed summary report and shift report,

  • report of carried out controls.

Basic functions of the workstations:

  • quick logging using RFID scanners or barcode scanner,

  • uncomplicated selection of data (product, batch, lot, etc.) using barcode scanner,

  • integration with the automation system (PLC controllers) via e.g. Profibus,

  • inputs/outputs, integration with external displays,

  • weighing process statistics,  

Implementation of particular functions on workstations is conditioned by used weighing instrument and accessories.

The minimum hardware requirements for the client computer or server being part of the weighing system consisting of max 10 weighing instruments:

A computer with at least:  

  • Windows 10; 

  • Windows 8.1; 

  • Windows 8; 

  • Windows 7 (excluding Starter version);

MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Express or later version;

Hardware recommendations: 

  • dual-core 2 GHz processor or faster,

  • operating memory 3 GB or larger,

  • at least 35 GB of free space on a hard drive,

  • 1280x1024 computer monitor

  • DVD drive,

  • printer operating in Windows environment,

  • default system font size: (96 dpi)!  

The minimum hardware requirements for server being part of the weighing system consisting of more than 10 weighing instruments:

A computer with at least: 

  • Windows 10; 

  • Windows 8.1; 

  • Windows 8; 

  • Windows 7 (excluding Starter version);

The software supports servers with operating systems such as: 

  • Windows Server 2016; 

  • Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2; 

  • Windows Server 2008 R2;

MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or later version.

Hardware recommendations: 

  • quad-core 3 GHz processor or faster,

  • operating memory 8 GB or larger,

  • at least 50 GB of free space on a hard drive,

  • 1280x1024 computer monitor

  • DVD drive,

  • printer operating in Windows environment,

  • default system font size: (96 dpi)!  

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