E6360 Hot plate Reciprocal Shaker from Eberbach

Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Speed Type Variable Speed
Refrigerated No
Min Load Capacity (lbs) 15
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 40
Timer No
Alarms No
RS-232 No
Display LCD
CE Marked Yes
CETLus Marked No
CTUVus Marked No
Remote Control No

The Hotplate Shaker E6360 is powered by a 1/17 hp Bodine DC motor which drives the platform through a filtered SCR controller. The speed is continuously variable between a range of 20-240 osc/min. and incorporates a 10”x16” aluminum hotplate within the box carrier. The heater is controlled by a three position switch on the front of the shaker, delivering 360 W at LOW position, 720 W at MEDIUM and 1440 W at HIGH (approx. mean temps are 310 F, 540 F and 710 F respectively). 

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Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz): 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V): 115
Electrical Min Frequency (Hz): 50
Refrigerated: No
Timer: No
[Shakers] Alarms: No
[Shakers] Base Dimension (Height): 355.6
[Shakers] Base Dimension (Width): 368.3
[Shakers] CE Marked: Yes
[Shakers] CETLus Marked: No
[Shakers] CTUVus Marked: No
[Shakers] Display: LCD
[Shakers] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 40
[Shakers] Min Load Capacity (lbs): 15
[Shakers] RS-232: No
[Shakers] Remote Control: No
[Shakers] Speed Type: Variable Speed
[Shakers] USB: No

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