Endometrial Carcinomas with a “Serous” Component in Young Women Are Enriched for DNA Mismatch Repair Deficiency, Lynch Syndrome, & POLE Exonuclease Domain Mutations

April 23, 2020 | Histopathology

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Lab.Equipment is here to ensure you are updated on the latest Surgical Pathology industry news. Here is today's article that first appeared on on The American Journal of Surgical Pathology:

Endometrial carcinoma (EC), as described by Bokhman, has historically been classified as Type I (low-grade, hormone-dependant, young patients, good prognosis) or Type II (high-grade, hormone-independent, older patients, poor prognosis). This classification is no longer pragmatic, however, as EC is a much more heterogeneous disease. Four molecular subtypes of EC were identified by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and subsequent studies have demonstrated its utility in predicting prognosis. While endometrial serous carcinoma (ESC), the prototypical Type II EC, largely occurs in older women, younger women with ESC were not accounted for in the Bokhman model and were underrepresented in the TCGA study. We hypothesized that a subset of ESCs in young patients do not represent bona fide serous carcinomas but rather high-grade endometrioid carcinomas mimicking a serous phenotype. We identified ESCs and mixed endometrioid/serous carcinomas in women < 60 years (n=37), and analyzed their clinical, morphologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular characteristics. Sixteen percent showed mismatch repair deficiency (MMR-D) and 11% were diagnosed with Lynch syndrome. Additionally, 16% of cases tested harbored a hotspot POLE exonuclease domain mutation (POLE-EDM). Morphologically, 47% of tumors showed confirmatory endometrioid features, including atypical hyperplasia, a low-grade endometrioid carcinoma component, or squamous differentiation. Clinically, the overall survival in patients with MMR-D and POLE-EDM was significantly bett... Read the full article at the AJSP Blog.

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