Eppendorf 5424 Centrifuges

5424 Series caters refrigerated and non-refrigerated models capable of running 24 tubes at a maximum speed of 14,680 RPM.

Lab.Equipment showcases highly advanced microcentrifuges through its innovative collection of Eppendorf 5424 series. Powerful, compact, and easy-to-operate, the Eppendorf 5424 series offers unparalleled efficiency with a 24-place rotor that can achieve centrifugation speed up to 21,130 x g.

Engineered with the latest cooling technology for improved high temperature accuracy and a patented compressor that minimizes vibrations, the Eppendorf 5424 micro centrifuges make way for increased sample protection and optimal separation results. Considered as direct replacements of older Eppendorf 541D and 541R models, 5424 microcentrifuges are designed with better ergonomics and features including a soft-touch one-finger lid closure, an OptiBowl® providing low-noise operation for reduced user stress, FastTemp function for rapid cooling of the unit in just 8 minutes, and built in condensation drains for easy removal of accumulated water. Sample warming is prevented with an automatic lid opening at the end of a run. A refrigerated model with a temperature range of -10 °C to +40 °C, capable of providing 4 °C at maximum rotational speed, and with an ECO power shut-off feat for saving energy is also available.

The Eppendorf 5424 series comes with different rotor options including an aerosol-tight rotor convenient for handling hazardous or radioactive samples, a 4 x PCR strip rotor, a PTFE coated rotor for applications requiring high chemical resistance, and a Eppendorf Kit rotor® for processing spin columns.

Shop a range of Eppendorf 5424 microcentrifuges from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect microcentrifuge for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected] .

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