F1-ClipTip Pipettes F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 ul Pipette from Thermo Fisher



Variable or Fixed Volume Fixed Volume
Volume Range Max (uL) 1000
Accuracy (%/uL) 0.30/3.0
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 0.30/3.00
Autoclavable Yes

Finding the most suitable manual pipettor to measure and transfer your fluid samples accurately can be an intimidating task with the plethora of units visible in the market. Don’t worry as Lab.Equipment is going to make things a lot easier for you! Find out how the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL conform to your precision and accuracy needs. If it does not make your cut, go through our review, FAQ, and comparison of the F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL to other pipettes below to find the right unit for your protocols.

Since Lab.Equipment offers 877 pipettors from all 16 pipettor manufacturer like Thermo Fisher, this is the only site you will read true product descriptions carefully written for you. Unlike any other single distributor around, we would not push you a product catalog filled with repeating buzzwords, jargons, and propriety terms a lot manufacturers present to perplex us dedicated lab staffs. We can help you cut through the noise and not waste time as well as budget with real descriptions meticulously written to lead you in getting the best Pipette for your laboratory application, whether it is with this F1-ClipTip Pipettes F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL or not.

Measuring and dispensing liquid samples are basic tasks performed in chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, medical and scientific laboratories. If you need robust pipettes that can withstand daily laboratory use and are easy to maintain, you can opt for a manual pipette like the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Pipettes F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL. Compared to electronic ones, a manual pipette is more economical and is recommended for use in specific lab applications that do not really have high pipetting needs.

How much measured liquids can you transfer and dispense with the manual F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL?

The manual F1-ClipTip Pipettes F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL is engineered to precisely hand over liquids up to 1,000 uL.

What manual pipette should I shop if I perform common pipetting tasks involving small amounts of fluid samples?

A manual single-channel pipette like the ergonomic and lightweight Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL can help maximize everyday pipetting tasks for your pharmaceutical, scientific, chemical, or biological labs.

Is the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL a fixed or variable volume pipette?

Lower any risks of errors brought about by dispensing improper volumes or cross-contamination with the fixed volume manual single channel Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Pipettes F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL. A fixed volume pipette like the F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL can dispense the same, fixed amount of dense or viscous liquid solutions, providing a faster workflow without the need to change volumes every now and then.

Want to request a PDF quote for the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL Pipette?

We promise not to waste your time by playing phone tag with high pressure sales rep. To request a PDF for the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL, just use the Instant Quote tool above and receive a quote sent straight to your inbox in 30 seconds or less!

How accurate is the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL in comparison with other manual single channel fixed volume pipettes?

Transfer and discharge liquid samples with confidence through the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL as it comes with 0.3/3.0 accuracy.

How precise is the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL in comparison with other manual single channel fixed volume pipettes?

Get close values and secure reproducibility of your pipetting applications with the Manual Single Channel Fixed Volume F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL that offers 0.3/3.00 repeatability.

How easy is the F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL to clean and maintain?

The Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL is autoclavable, ensuring safety, hygiene, as well as sterility for use in your other applications.

Any questions on the Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Fixed 1000 µL Laboratory Pipette that we missed answering for you here?

Don't hesitate to inquire via live chat to the right, our Contact Us page, or email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a friendly response.

Product Size Each

Compatible Tips ClipTip 1000

Description F1-ClipTip Fixed Volume

Volume (Metric) 1000μL

The Thermo Scientific™ F1-ClipTip™ pipette features interlocking technology to ensure secure tip attachment. F1-ClipTip pipettes work exclusively with Thermo ScientificClipTip pipette tips, providing a unique tip interface that locks the tip in place, and ensures a complete seal with minimal tip application and ejection forces.

Feel the Assurance.

Achieve newfound confidence knowing that once attached, your tips are locked firmly in place and will not fall off. Users have full control throughout pipetting, as pipette tips will only release when ejected, regardless of application pressure.

Unstoppable Productivity, Outstanding Ease-of-use.

Eliminate the frustration of banging tips on your pipette with the exclusive interlock design that ensures each tip is clipped securely on the F1-ClipTip until, and only until, it is released with a light touch. Combined with the light design and low plunger forces, the F1-ClipTip pipette dramatically reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury(RSI).

A Secure Seal for Every Sample.

The unique interlock design ensures the pipette and tip form a complete seal to secure the sample volume in each tip for enhanced accuracy and precision.

Silent, Effortless Volume Adjustment.

Enjoy the new silent and light volume adjustment mechanism with over 50% lower forces compared to earlier models. Improved grip on the volume adjustment knob ensures effortless and precise adjustment.

Secure Volume Lock.  

The user-friendly locking mechanism securely locks the volume into place to avoid volume drift during pipetting. Simply lift the plunger up to set volume and press down to lock in place with minimum effort.

Adjustable Finger Rest.

Adjusts up to 120° for the most ergonomic and comfortable pipetting position. This feature is optimal for individual pipetting preferences of both right- and left handed users.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global provider of lab instruments ranging from pipettes, centrifuges, to baths, ultra-low temperature freezers, and more — all ergonomically designed to achieve maximum performance for life sciences, industrial & applied science, and clinical & diagnostics applications. Created to deliver high-performing solutions to scientists faced with complex analytical demands, Thermo Fisher Scientific lab equipment and software are utilized in a diverse range of industries including: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and clinical research. With approximately 65,000 employees stationed in different regions worldwide, Thermo Fisher Scientific addresses manufacturing and distribution requirements with ease.

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[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 0.30/3.0
[Pipette] Autoclavable: Yes
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 0.30/3.00
[Pipette] Variable or Fixed Volume: Fixed Volume
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 1000

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