F2.0 ThermoMixer from Eppendorf

Eppendorf 5387000021
Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Orbital
Min Speed (RPM) 300
Max Speed (RPM) 1500
Min Temp Range (°C) 4
Max Temp Range (°C) 100
Timer No
Orbit Diameter (mm) 3
Brushless DC motor No
Display LED
CE approved Yes
CSA approved No

Heavy-Duty Lab Mixers for Accelerated Lab Efficiency

To secure mixing efficiency and productivity, it’s advantageous to score a lab mixer that can deliver the correct speed range and speed type that fulfill the activities you will be working on. Applications that involve adjusting mixing speeds while agitating samples demand for variable speed mixers like the F2.0 ThermoMixer from Eppendorf. Built to carry out accurate mixing while giving users the power to change from vigorous to gentle mixing as needed, the versatile Eppendorf 5387000021 features a speed ranging from 300 RPM-1500 RPM perfect not just for cell culture and microbiology tasks but also for QA analysis, the production process itself, as well as research and development in food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Still in search of other options? You can compare this model with the F1.5 ThermoMixer from Eppendorf having the same speed type and max RPM also from the same series and brand.

Tried and Tested Lab Mixing No Matter What Application

Most microbiology facilities, bioscience workrooms, and analytical research centers call for gentle and efficient sample mixing on a regular basis. Achieve results that can be reproduced by choosing the best-suited mixer from a plethora of options available online. The F2.0 ThermoMixer from Eppendorf that is designed with a digital control showcases a steady, orbital mixing motion and a temperature range between 4°C and 100°C to deliver applications including dna and rna extractions, reverse transcriptions, and genetic analysis.

Better Mixing with Instrumental Features

Mixer Display Display

Get full info on lab mixer settings through the Eppendorf 5387000021's LED screen

Mixing Movement Mixing Movement

Count on this Eppendorf thermal mixer to thoroughly blend fluids and samples with an orbital mixing motion.

Mixer Control Mixer Control

Adjust speed settings of the Eppendorf 5387000021 without sweat using its digital control.

Mixer Speed Type Mixer Speed Type

It would not be an issue if your application needs different speeds while in operation as this mixer offers variable speed from 300 RPM to 1500 RPM.

CE Approved CE Approved

With the Eppendorf 5387000021 thermal mixer, you adhere to EC directives as it is CE marked.

  Doing quite routine sample prep steps? Whether you regularly work with 0.5/1.5/2.0 mL vessels or plates (MTP and DWP) – our customized fixed-block Eppendorf ThermoMixer F family offers you the perfect solution for your special application. Just simplify your routine work load.


The unique 2DMix–Control technology mixes liquids in a controlled, circular movement. The ThermoMixer F provides enough mixing power to handle the most challenging mixing tasks. Most samples are efficiently mixed within less than a minute independent of vessel geometry or sample properties. 

Eppendorf ThermoTop® condens.protect®

Now you can control the temperature of your samples with ease: The ThermoTop, with unique condens.protect technology, reliably prevents condensation formation on the tube lid and wall.

    › Efficient and reliable condensation prevention on tube lid and wall 

    › Guarantees constant reaction conditions for optimal enzymatic performance 

    › Improves handling times, tubes don‘t have to be spun down at the end of the incubation 

    › Optionally available – labeled with the condens.protect symbol


  • Heating and mixing in 0.5/1.5/2.0 mL reaction vessels (F0.5/F1.5/F2.0) or plates (FP)
  • Up to 1,500 rpm (F1.5/F2.0) or 2,000 rpm (F0.5/FP) for efficient sample mixing
  • Outstanding 2DMix-Control technology results in excellent mixing performance
  • Anti-spill technology prevents lid wetting and cross-contamination
  • Compatible with Eppendorf ThermoTop (condens.protect®) for condensation-free sample handling
  • Predefined temperature keys (37 °C, 42 °C, 56 °C, and 95 °C) for simple and intuitive operation
  • Very fast heat up speed of up to 18 °C/min, reducing your waiting time
  • Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept provides ergonomic design and operation


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Brushless DC motor: No
CE approved: Yes
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Timer: No
[Lab Mixer] Display: LED
[Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 1500
[Lab Mixer] Max Temp Range (°C): 100
[Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 300
[Lab Mixer] Min Temp Range (°C): 4
[Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Orbital
[Lab Mixer] Orbit Diameter (mm): 3
[Lab Mixer] Power (w): 200
[Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed

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