Finnpipette F2 Single Channel F2 Variable 10-100 ul Pipette from Thermo Fisher

Variable or Fixed Volume Variable Volume
Volume Range Min (uL) 10
Volume Range Max (uL) 100
Accuracy (%/uL) 8.0/0.80
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 3.0/0.30
Autoclavable Yes

Looking for the best manual pipettor to measure and transport your liquid samples accurately can be an overwhelming task given countless of options available in the market. Do not worry as Lab.Equipment is going to cut the frills for you! See how the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL suits your precision and accuracy needs. If it does not make your cut, go through our review, FAQ, and comparison of the F2 Variable 10 µL to other pipettes below to discover the right unit for your protocols.

Lab.Equipment carries 877 pipettors from all 16 pipettor manufacturer such as Thermo Fisher. With relevant information on these pipettes, expect to see real descriptions meticulously drafted for you. We are not like any other single distributor around as we would not just provide you a product portfolio filled with the same buzzwords, jargons, and propriety terms most manufacturers present to baffle us diligent lab staffs more. Allow us to help you cut through all the noise and save time as well as budget with true descriptions carefully drafted to help you find the best Pipette for your specific lab application, whether it is with this Finnpipette F2 Single Channel F2 Variable 10 µL or not.

Measuring and dispensing liquids are basic tasks carried out in molecular biology, biochemistry, medical and scientific, and chemistry laboratories. If you are looking for premium quality pipettes that can withstand everyday laboratory use and are hassle-free to maintain, you can purchase a manual pipette like the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette F2 Single Channel F2 Variable 10 µL. Compared to electronic ones, a manual pipette is more affordable and is best for use in specific lab applications that do not really have high pipetting demands.

How much measured liquids can you transport and dispense with the manual F2 Variable 10 µL?

Rely on the manual Finnpipette F2 Single Channel F2 Variable 10 µL to carefully dispense liquid samples between 10 - 100 uL volumes.

What manual pipette should I take if I make common pipetting tasks involving little amounts of liquids?

You can maximize regular pipetting tasks for your pharmaceutical, scientific, chemical, or biological labs with a manual single-channel pipette like the convenient and lightweight Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL.

Is the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL a fixed or variable volume pipette?

The manual, single channel Thermo Fisher Finnpipette F2 Single Channel F2 Variable 10 µL can be adjusted and is capable of presenting variable volume depending on the specific assay or application you are working on.

Interested in requesting a PDF quote for the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL Pipette?

We will not waste your time playing phone tag with a high pressure sales rep, easily use the Instant Quote tool above and you will get a quote for the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL emailed to your inbox within 30 seconds! No pesky sales reps calling on you we promise.

Compared to other manual single channel variable volume pipettes, how accurate is the F2 Variable 10 µL?

The Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL can reliably transfer and dispense fluid samples with its 8/0.8 accuracy.

In comparison with other manual single channel variable volume pipettes, how precise is the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL?

Acquire close values and guarantee reproducibility of your pipetting tasks through the Manual Single Channel Variable Volume F2 Variable 10 µL that offers 3/0.3 repeatability.

How effortless is the F2 Variable 10 µL to maintain and clean?

The Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL is autoclavable, ensuring safety, hygiene, and sterility for use in your other laboratory applications.

Do you have any questions about the Thermo Fisher F2 Variable 10 µL Lab Pipette that we missed answering for you here?

Feel free to ask us through the live chat to the right, our Contact us page, or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap with friendly response.

Product Size Each

Accuracy +/-3 to 0.8%

Compatible Tips Flex 200, 250 Univ., 300, 200 Ext.

Color Code Yellow

Volume (Metric) Range 10 to 100μL

Model Finnpipette™ F2

Increments 0.02µL

Precision 1 to 0.2%

Eliminate the possible effects of hand warmth on the accuracy of measurements with Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 Adjustable-Volume Pipettes, which feature Advanced Volume Gearing (AVG)—a thermally-isolated self-supporting modular volume adjustment mechanism that enhances pipetting performance. Because the AVG mechanism is separated from the pipette body, its accuracy and precision are significantly improved.

  • Large Ergovisio display with white numbers on black background for increased visibility

  • Double-action pipetting button; rotating upper part prevents accidental volume alteration

  • Light, smooth pipetting action enables better results over longer periods

  • Fully autoclavable

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global provider of lab instruments ranging from pipettes, centrifuges, to baths, ultra-low temperature freezers, and more — all ergonomically designed to achieve maximum performance for life sciences, industrial & applied science, and clinical & diagnostics applications. Created to deliver high-performing solutions to scientists faced with complex analytical demands, Thermo Fisher Scientific lab equipment and software are utilized in a diverse range of industries including: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and clinical research. With approximately 65,000 employees stationed in different regions worldwide, Thermo Fisher Scientific addresses manufacturing and distribution requirements with ease.

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[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 8.0/0.80
[Pipette] Autoclavable: Yes
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 3.0/0.30
[Pipette] Variable or Fixed Volume: Variable Volume
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 100
[Pipette] Volume Range Min (uL): 10

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