Five-Position Stirring Hot Plate from Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer EW-51450-71
Controls (Digital/Analog) Analog
Multiposition Yes
Min Speed (RPM) 100
Max Speed (RPM) 1500
Max Load Capacity (ml) 18140
Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L) 0.8
Min Temp Range (°C) 100
Max Temp Range (°C) 450
Plate Diameter (mm) 304.8
Plate Material Ceramic
Timer No
RS-232 No
Brushless DC motor No
CE approved Yes
CSA approved No
                Each stirring position is individually controlled – perform different mixing applications at the same time

                          Front panel controls are positioned to prevent you from touching the hot plate a 6--ft cord with plug. 

                          • These multiposition stirring hot plates offer more versatility than single-position units. Stirring hot plates are available with five or nine stirring positions. Each stirring position is individually controlled so you can perform different mixing applications simultaneously. Use stirring hot plates to heat only, stir only, or heat and stir simultaneously. The corrosion-resistant ceramic tops heat quickly and never warp or buckle. The temperature control has OFF, HI, and LOW detents/settings, with 270 degrees of infinite control between the low and high detents.

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                          Brushless DC motor: No
                          CE approved: Yes
                          CSA approved: No
                          Controls (Digital/Analog): Analog
                          Timer: No
                          [Lab Stirrer] Max Load Capacity (ml): 18140
                          [Lab Stirrer] Max Speed (RPM): 1500
                          [Lab Stirrer] Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L): 0.8
                          [Lab Stirrer] Max Temp Range (°C): 450
                          [Lab Stirrer] Min Speed (RPM): 100
                          [Lab Stirrer] Min Temp Range (°C): 100
                          [Lab Stirrer] Multiposition: Yes
                          [Lab Stirrer] Plate Diameter (mm): 304.8
                          [Lab Stirrer] Plate Material: Ceramic
                          [Lab Stirrer] RS-232: No
                          [Lab Stirrer] USB: No

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