Free Liquid Handling Products and Benchtop Instruments Throughout 2019

March 28, 2019 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment aims to simplify lab procedures and make work as simple as possible for lab professionals. With the new Forever Free 2019 Deals promo, we are giving away free lab products that are essential in nearly all applications for every purchase of select discounted liquid handling products or benchtop instruments. All participating products are manufactured by the reputable brand, Scilogex. The promo is valid today until December 31, 2019.

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Forever Free 2019 Deals Promo Mechanics

  1. View participating Scilogex products at

  2. Copy the promo code uniquely assigned to each product located on the product page.

  3. Add item/s to cart.

  4. Enter the promo code upon checkout to secure your discount or free unit/s.

Promo Offer: Free Scilogex Pipette Fillers, Bottletop Dispensers, Block, Linear Pipette Stand, Universal Platform, Overhead Stirrer Stand or Mini Centrifuge for Every Purchase of Select Discounted Scilogex Lab Products

Get a Free Levo Manual Pipette Filler When You Buy 2 Levo Plus Pipette Fillers

Scilogex’s Levo Plus is designed for use with 1 to 100 ml pipettes and for filling a 25 ml pipette in 6 seconds. Originally valued at $336 MSRP, the motorized serological pipette controller is now offered at $332.64 only with a 1 year warranty.

The Levo Manual Pipette Filler can aspirate and dispense for up to 50 ml per squeeze. Its 3 µm hydrophobic filter can be easily replaced to prevent liquids from contaminating the inside of the Levo. Scilogex Levo manual pipette filler is valued at $53 MSRP.

Get One Free Levo Manual Pipette Filler When You Buy 4 of It

If you prefer Levo Manual Pipette Fillers than Levo Plus Pipette Fillers then this offer suits you best. Each Levo manual pipette filler comes with a 1 year warranty.

Get One Free DispensMate Plus Bottletop Dispenser When You Buy 4 of the Same Model

The DispensMate Plus from Scilogex is available in adjustable volume sizes:

Each item comes with 5 adapters to fit the popular reagent bottles and a product warranty valid for 1 year.

Get a Free Block of Your Choice When You Buy HB120-S LED Digital Dry Bath

The Scilogex HB120-S LED Digital Dry Bath offers a temperature range of ambient +5 to 120°C featuring over temperature safety protection, aluminum for common tube sizes, and continuous and timer functions. Thanks to Forever Free 2019 Deals promo, the digital dry bath is reduced from $500 MSRP to $396 with a 2 year warranty.

The choices for the free Scilogex block are as follows:

Get a Free Linear Pipette Stand When You Buy 5 MicroPette Pipettors of the Same Model

The participating MicroPette pipettors for this promo are the following:

The original value of all MicroPette Plus pipettes is $245 MSRP while all MicroPette pipettes are $225 MSRP. Plus, each pipette comes with a 1 year warranty.

The linear pipettor stand from Scilogex can hold up to 6 MicroPette pipettors including those models that are not part of the Forever Free 2019 Deals promo. A single stand is sold at $42 MSRP.

Get a Free Universal Platform When You Buy 1 of the Select Linear Shaker or Orbital Shaker

The participating Scilogex linear shakers are SK-L180-Pro and SK-L330-Pro that both have LCD display, digital controls, 100-350 RPM speed range, and a 2 year warranty. Their key difference is the quantity of flasks it can accommodate. With the ongoing promo, the SK-L330-Pro is now at $816.84 (originally $1,135 MSRP) and the SK-L180-Pro is now at $689.04 (originally $1,060 MSRP).

For the orbital shakers, choose from the SK-O180-Pro or SK-O330-Pro that both feature LCD display and digital controls. Their major difference is its orbit diameter and speed range. With the ongoing promo, the SK-O180-Pro is now at $756.01 (instead of $1,060 MSRP) and the SK-O330-Pro is now at $915.70 (instead of $1,135 MSRP).

The free Scilogex universal platforms are as follows:

Get a Free Overhead Stirrer Stand When You Buy 1 OS20-Pro or OS40-Pro Overhead Stirrer

Both of the Scilogex OS20-Pro and OS40-Pro overhead stirrers feature brushless DC motor, digital controls, 50-2200 RPM, RS-232 connection, and a 2 year warranty. The key differences of the OS20-Pro and OS40-Pro are its maximum stirring capacity of 20 liters and 40 liters as well as the maximum viscosity at 10,000 mPas and 50,000 respectively. With the current promo, OS20-Pro is offered at only $835.56 (originally $1,055 MSRP) and the OS40-Pro at only $990 (originally $1,250 MSRP).

The free Scilogex overhead stirrer stand is supported by rod and clamp with a 12x12 inch plate valued at $180 MSRP.

Get a Mini Centrifuge When You Buy 1 D3024 Microcentrifuge or D3024R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

Both the Scilogex D3024 microcentrifuge and D3024R refrigerated microcentrifuge feature 300-15000 RPM speed range, fixed angle rotor, and a 2 year warranty. The D3024 is now available for only $1,626.08 (instead of $2,190) while the D3024R refrigerated microcentrifuge is now only $3,762 (instead of $5,820 MSRP).

The free Scilogex D1008 Ezee mini centrifuge can run up to 8 of 1.5 ml tubes or 8 of 2 ml tubes at a maximum speed of 7000 RPM. The mini centrifuge worth $220 has a compact design and is available in green, yellow, blue, and pink, making it ideal for personal use. 

Free Scilogex liquid handling and benchtop instruments are offered until December 31, 2019. You may have plenty of time but our stocks are limited!

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About This Month's Manufacturer

Scilogex is focused on redefining innovation with quality lab equipment and supplies built for unparalleled accuracy and precision. To ensure the customers’ confidence in its products, Scilogex offers a 1 year warranty for liquid handling products and a 2 year warranty for benchtop instruments. Based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, all Scilogex lab products are manufactured in an ISO9001 facility and cTUVus certified for UL & CSA to meet all areas of research. View all available Scilogex lab products here.

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