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August 22, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment is giving away free samples of Accuris qMAX™ Original cDNA Synthesis Kit and qMAX™ 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit to let you experience greater flexibility and convenient reaction setup without spending a dollar. Get one of these unbiased and reproducible cDNA synthesis kit at no cost until October 31, 2018 or while supplies last!

Accuracy to the Max Promo

Accuracy to the Max Sample Offer Mechanics

  1. Choose one from Accuris qMAX™ Original cDNA Synthesis Kit and qMAX™ 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit.

  2. Request your free sample by sending an email to [email protected] or calling Lab.Equipment toll-free hotline at 888 332 3850 or Atlanta HQ at +1 404 609 1286.

  3. One of Lab.Equipment representatives will get in touch with you to verify your shipping address and the delivery of your qMAX cDNA synthesis kit.

  4. Receive your chosen cDNA synthesis kit sample in 2-5 business days at no additional shipping charge!

Promo Offer: Accuris qMAX™ Original cDNA Synthesis Kit and qMAX™ 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit

If you are encountering low RNA concentration, reagent inconsistencies, and target gene difficulties while performing cDNA synthesis then these high-performance and easy-to-use Accuris qMAX™ cDNA Synthesis Kits make way for quality and qPCR ready DNA, help achieve easy reaction setups, and offer improved flexibility in assay design. All Accuris cDNA synthesis kits are ideal for molecular biology procedures such as gene cloning, constructing cDNA libraries, and analyzing gene expressions.

Lab.Equipment offers two different Accuris cDNA synthesis kits to meet a range of requirements. The original cDNA Synthesis Kit comes as a convenient 2-tube format for easy reaction set up and is best for 4pg to 0.5µg of input RNA. One tube includes the exceptionally stable Reverse Transcriptase combined with a potent RNAse inhibitor, and the other tube contains a 5X reaction buffer with an optimal mixture of anchored oligo (dT) primers and random hexamers to produce a non-biased population of cDNA. While the new First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit includes four components: Reverse Transcriptase, Buffer, oligo (dT) primers, and random hexamer primers. This multi-component format is ideal for 10pg to 2.0µg of input RNA and allows for greater flexibility in assay design.

Both Accuris cDNA Synthesis Kits are inclusive of MMLV derived transcriptase modified for improved sensitivity and thermostability, potent RNase inhibitor to maintain sample integrity, and optimized buffer system for superior accuracy and reproducibility.

Get these FREE Accuris qMAX™ cDNA Synthesis Kits with free shipping from Lab.Equipment! Receive it at your doorstep within 2 to 5 business days. This sample offer is valid until October 31, 2018 only or while supplies last.

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About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Accuris Instruments is an innovative manufacturer of lab equipment that caters to life science lab applications including liquid handling, precision weighing, and electrophoresis. They deliver high-performing lab pipettes, aspirators, PCR reagents, and weighing balances with accurate and precise measurement capabilities. View all available Accuris laboratory products on Lab.Equipment here.

Look through below the list of participating kits in our Accuracy To The Max Promo:

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Promotional Email

Accuracy to the Max Email Design

Lab.Equipment executes a drip email campaign to promote the sample offer to lab professionals in the US. The first email introduces the free sample to LE’s entire email list. The second one focuses on reminding the openers of the previous email who have not requested a sample yet to not miss out on the free offer. Lastly, the third email tells the openers of the second email that the promo is about to expire. With this strategy, Lab.Equipment is able to get in touch with potential customers over time before the promo ends.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

Website visitors are quickly informed about the cDNA synthesis kit sample offer with the on-page merchandising creatives purposely positioned on the most convenient sections of the website. See below for these creatives and learn how it will assist Lab.Equipment’s visitors.

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage

Accuracy to the Max Promo Hero Image

As soon as the user opens Lab.Equipment, a hero image on the slider of the homepage welcomes them that showcases the promo with a button linked to the promo page.

Mega Menu Promo Banner

Accuracy to the Max Promo Mega Menu Banner

A mega menu banner is placed on Lab Supplies product category where the sample offer’s cDNA synthesis kits belong. This way, the promo is shown to users who are interested in the said category and have a higher chance in taking up the offer.

Sidebar Promo Banner
Accuracy to the Max Promo Sidebar Banner

For this specific offer, users have to email or call Lab.Equipment in order to request for a sample of cDNA synthesis kit. Lab.Equipment Team makes this easy by creating an action that opens a new email message when the sidebar banner on the promo page is clicked.

Product Page Promo Banner

Accuracy to the Max Promo Product Page Banner

A full-width promo banner is fixed on top of all the product pages of Accuris cDNA synthesis kits to remind visitors that they can request a free sample of the item. Similar to the sidebar banner, users can conveniently send a request as these product page banners also open a new email message. These banners are also seen on product pages related to the participating products.

Interactive Chat Module

Accuracy to the Max Promo - Pop Up Chatbox

A handy chat box on the promo page is present that can address customers’ sample requests and questions about the offer.

Discount Badge

Accuracy to the Max Promotional Badge

Promotional badges are included on the product images to let visitors know which of the cDNA synthesis are available for sample request.

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