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Gilson pipettes are skillfully built for long-term use, offering durable design and construction to prevent any damage caused by impacts and aggressive chemicals. Providing exceptional accuracy, precision, and user-comfort for the most efficient pipetting performance, these Gilson pipettes are highly recommended for handling aqueous and moderately dense fluids in clinical, scientific, and research laboratories to name a few. Meet a variety of liquid handling demands through Gilson lab pipettes that also come with different pipetting modes including reverse pipetting, repetitive, mix, and a custom mode that allows user-specific protocols for faster recall.

Lab.Equipment brings a wide collection of manual and electronic Gilson pipettes from the Pipetman Classic, Pipetman G, Pipetman M, Pipetman Neo, and Pipetman F series. Whether you require manual single-channel or multi-channel Gilson pipettes that can dispense fixed or adjustable volumes of liquids, rely on Lab.Equipment to provide what you need. For routine tasks and applications demanding high pipetting throughput, we also carry electronic single-channel and multi-channel Gilson lab pipettes, also capable of transferring the same amount or variable volumes. All units available are easy-to-maintain and make way for reproducible results.

Select the most appropriate Gilson pipette for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Gilson Pipetman Classic Pipettes

Pipetman® Classic Series of manual single channel pipettes ranges from 0.2µl to 1,000µl capacity. Every set of models specializes on certain applications to achieve the best pipetting results.

Gilson Pipetman G Pipettes

Pipetman® G Series of mechanical, air-displacement single channel pipettes ranges from 0.2µl to 1,000µl capacity. Stainless steel or plastic ejectors are available.

Gilson Pipetman M Pipettes

Pipetman® M Series of electronic pipettes ranges from 0.5µL to 1,000µL capacity in single channel models. All models feature Reverse, Pipette, Repetitive, Mix, and Custom pipetting modes accessed through simple scrolling.

Gilson Pipetman Neo Pipettes

Pipetman® Neo Series ranges from 0.2µL to 100µL capacity in single channel models and from 2µL to 20µL in multi-channel models, featuring enhanced pipetting comfort compared to Classic Series.

Gilson Pipetman F Pipettes

Pipetman® F Series of fixed volume, air-displacement pipettes ranges from 2µl to 5,000µl capacity in single channel models. All models are released in accordance to GLP compliance.

Gilson Pipetman L Pipettes

Pipetman® L Series of mechanical pipettes come in single and multi-channel formats and can dispense fixed or variable volumes. Choose from models with volume capacities ranging from 0.2µl - 5000µl.

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