Hettich Mikro Centrifuges

The Mikro 185 series can run with max speed of 13,000 RPM. The Mikro 200 series operates at max 15,000 RPM while the Mikro 220 series spins as fast as up to 18,000 RPM.

Lab.Equipment delivers innovative spinning solutions through Hettich's Mikro series of tabletop research centrifuges. Improve lab efficiency and secure high sample throughput with the low-noise Hettich Mikro series recommended for use in applications including serology, bood, and urine. Powerful and capable of supporting an assortment of tubes including cryo, microliter, and standard tubes plus spin columns, the Mikro series is perfect for DNA, RNA, and PCR centrifugation tasks.

Engineered with a functional design and a clear control panel, the Hettich Mikro series presents trouble-free programming. Features like the Easy-Lift™ lid that keeps lid in place all the time and the self-closing Safety-Lock™ lid that offers enhanced safety not only reduce repetitive strain injuries but also minimize accidental spills and risks of sample contamination. Offering high performance centrifugation with rotor options that can support a range of tube sizes and capacities, the Hettich Mikro series is ideal for sample preparation in a variety of molecular biology applications. The Hettich Mikro series is available in different application packages and even in bundles with refrigerated units for when working with temperature sensitive samples.

Shop a range of Hettich Mikro benchtop research centrifuges from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect centrifuge for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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