Hettich Rotanta Centrifuges

Rotanta Series can hold up to 56 vessels at maximum speed of 4,600 RPM. Over 470 other configuration options are available.

Lab.Equipment showcases a robust line of general purpose centrifuges from the Hettich Rotanta series. Capable of spinning a variety of tube types and sizes, the high-performance Hettich Rotanta series offers hassle-free operation for clinical, research, and industrial applications and everyday lab use.

Engineered with a Versa-Rotor™ that can accommodate not just standard tubes but also specialty applications including chrome bath, schlenk tubes, and blood bags, the Hettich Rotanta series can meet daily centrifugation requirements of clinical facilities, scientific laboratories, Life Science research and development centers, and more. Designed with ergonomic features like the EasyLift™ lid for keeping the lid in place as well as ensuring sample spills are avoided and safety features like the Safety-Lock™ lid that does not allow centrifuge to spin if lid is left open, the Hettich Rotanta series guarantees convenience, efficiency, and improved lab productivity. With floor standing Rotanta centrifuges that make way for ideal loading and unloading height as well as under-bench Rotanta centrifuges that allow easy storage in the lab, the Hettich Rotanta centrifuges maximize valuable lab space, suitable for any laboratory no matter if spacious or not. Options with a temperature control system for delicate samples, a high-speed plate rotor, and heated versions for when working with biodiesel or sludge applications are also available.

Shop a range of Hettich Rotanta benchtop centrifuges from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect centrifuge for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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