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IKA lab centrifuges are built for applications that do not require high speed spinning. Although small in footprint, IKA mini centrifuges deliver powerful and efficient spinning performance for basic centrifugation tasks of scientific workrooms and research laboratories. Offering fast start up speed, hassle-free changing of rotors without the need for tools, easy operation through a straightforward touchpad, and a 7 segment LED timer, these feature-packed IKA lab centrifuges are ideal for applications including micro-filtrations, cell separations, and more.

Lab.Equipment brings in line the IKA Mini G series capable of operating at a fixed speed of 6000 RPM. We carry IKA Mini G centrifuges that can accommodate both micro-centrifuge and PCR strip tubes. Find IKA lab centrifuges that are all CE marked and come with a 3-year warranty.

Find the perfect IKA lab centrifuge for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

IKA MiniG Centrifuges

The Mini G Series is capable of running up to eight 2mL tubes at a fixed speed of up to 6000 rpm and at a centrifugal acceleration of 2000G.

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