Incorporate these 4 technologies to improve lab safety

March 02, 2023 | Lab Furniture

Nowadays, labs are becoming more sophisticated. Concurrently, lab safety should always be in constant motion and evolving to keep up with modern and rigorous safety guidelines.

Lab owners are challenged to make decisions and design their workspaces where today’s complex exposure to control installations can best serve business objectives while keeping the lab team safe. Factors at play include cost, efficiency, worker comfort, and safety and being able to weigh each of these factors is important to keep ahead in the industry.

CRB Group has answers to what a holistic risk assessment looks like, how to determine the best-fit safety equipment from a variety of choices, all the while ensuring long-term savings over upfront costs.

Here are the four best-fit equipment options and how to identify which one is right for you!

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Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)

BSCs are basically for filtering and recirculating exhaust air. It’s important to take note that your lab has a specific biosafety level. The cabinet that’s right-sized for your lab’s unique hazards has the following characteristics:

  • reduces cost efficiencies

  • has a smaller footprint

  • keeps workers safe and comfortable 

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Fume Hoods

Modern fume-hood technology helps labs operate safely and economically. Lab owners can take advantage of this innovations by choosing fume hoods that:

  • reduce lab energy loads (hoods that feature improved sash designs and streamlined airfoils)

  • reduces a lab’s heating and cooling costs (use a ductless, recirculating fume hood)

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Traditional isolator setups and the introduction of gloved interfaces were considered to be necessary barriers to efficiency. Lab managers can decrease cycle times by acquiring isolators that:

  • use ionized hydrogen peroxide, as they decontaminate materials faster

  • are designed for personalized medicine to remove the risk of contamination via a human operator   

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Ventilated Enclosures

In modern lab environments, robotic installations are fast becoming the norm and they require an enclosed room to ensure consistent sample handling. Today’s ventilated enclosures should:

  • ensure only particulate-free air comes into contact with robotic surfaces 

Lab safety is a complex issue that needs close and individualized assessment. A lab’s solution is dependent on what it needs for its safety network.

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