Integra Evolve Pipettes

Lab.Equipment provides high-performing manual pipettes featured in Integra's Evolve Series. Moving forward from the traditional twisting of hands, Evolve pipettes feature the most innovative three adjustable dials for quick volume adjustments, delivering the speed rates over 10 times faster compared to average manual pipettes. Its unique Quick Set Dial design prevents unintended volume alterations associated with plunger motions during performance.

Evolve manual pipettes are constructed with a remarkably lightweight body and well-balanced structure to secure an ergonomic operation suitable for prolonged pipetting hours. The series incorporates an extensive range of GripTips to form a complete pipetting system by simply snapping over the pipette lobes and at minimum exertions.

Integra supplies each Evolve pipette with two interchangeable plunger springs that enable users to modify plunger force, consequently changing aspirating and dispensing speeds to suit their requirements. Evolve pipettes are guaranteed to bring precise and accurate liquid dispensing thanks to fully aligned tip-to-pipette insertions, easily adjustable settings, and fast processing capabilities.

Shop a range of Integra Evolve pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect pipetting instrument for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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