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Labnet pipettes are smartly engineered to provide comfortable, high-accuracy, and high-precision liquid handling. With units presenting either an auto-calibration feat or easy in-lab calibration, these Labnet pipettes make way for reproducible results in applications related to organic chemistry, DNA analysis, forensic biology, medical research, and more. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, Labnet pipettes minimize hand injuries and strains due to long pipetting operations, best for doing routine sample preparation tasks in scientific laboratories.

Lab.Equipment distributes a wide assortment of manual and electronic Labnet lab pipettes from the BioPette Plus and Excel series. We carry single-channel units capable of handling 0.1 to 10,000 ul of samples and multi-channel ones that can accommodate 0.5 to 1,200 ul of samples. Ensure pipetting reliability with manual single-channel Labnet pipettes that offer universal tip compatibility and are fully autoclavable. Increase lab efficiency with easily programmable electronic Labnet pipettes featuring various operating modes including standard and reverse pipette, sequential aspiration and dispensing, repeated aspiration and dispensing, and more. Each Labnet pipette also comes with a calibration certificate.

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Labnet BioPette Plus Pipettes

BioPette Plus Series of manual pipettors ranges from 1μl to 300μl in 8-channel and 12-channel models, and from 0.1μl to 10,000μl in single channel models.

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