Labnet Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuges

Spectrafuge™ Mini Series is capable of spinning 6 tubes in 1.5ml or 2ml capacity as well as 2 strips in 0.2mL capacity.

Lab.Equipment supplies a complete range of mini centrifuges presented in the Spectrafuge™ Series of the industry-leading manufacturer, Labnet. These personal-sized minicentrifuges offer a small footprint for easy storage in any work setting. Spectrafuge mini centrifuges come with two interchangeable rotors supplied for completing low g-force applications including microfiltration, cell separation, and quick spinning of samples from microcentrifuge tube walls and caps.

The Spectrafuge™ series of mini centrifuges is capable of accommodating a variety of tubes and strips with 1.5 mL , 2.0 mL, 0.5 mL, and 0.4 mL volume capacities. Each model is equipped with a translucent lid that pivots on a stainless steel hinge pin for durability and ensured high performance. With an objective to simplify sample preparation processes, these mini centrifuges may be operated with a switch located on its side. Alternatively, spinning operations can be started or stopped by closing and opening the mini centrifuge lid. Personalize your laboratory now and increase sample preparation productivity with Spectrafuge™ mini centrifuges available in five different lid colors!

Shop a range of Labnet Spectrafuge™ mini centrifuges from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect mini centrifuge for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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