Lacrimal Gland Postganglionic Innervation: Unveiling the Role of Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nerves in Stimulating Tear Secretion

May 06, 2020 | Histopathology

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The tear film is a thin fluid layer comprising over 1800 different extracellular proteins and many diverse species of lipids1 that are protective and important in the homeostasis of the avascular cornea as an interface between the ocular surface and the environment 2. Tear deficiency is associated with loss of homeostasis giving rise to dry eye syndrome, a disease affecting 5% to 7% of the world’s population 3. As the main source of basal and reflex tears, the lacrimal gland plays a critical role in maintaining ocular surface homeostasis.... More of this in the The American Journal of Pathology Blog.

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