Largest Markdown on Ohaus Centrifuges, Stirrers, Mixers, and Shakers Plus Starbucks Gift Card

July 13, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment offers 54% discount on selected Ohaus centrifuges, stirrers, mixers, and shakers with a bonus of $10 Starbucks Gift Card and free shipping. This largest markdown of the year from the top selling American brand is valid until December 28, 2018 only or until supplies run out.

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Mechanics

  1. Choose from the participating discounted Ohaus lab balances, centrifuges, scales, mixers, and shakers at

  2. Proceed to checkout and purchase your Ohaus products.

  3. Your order of discounted Ohaus lab equipment will be shipped to you at no extra charge while your $10 Starbucks Gift Card will be sent to you via email.

Promo Offer: 54% Off Ohaus Centrifuges, Stirrers, Mixers, and Shakers + Starbucks Gift Card

Ohaus Lab Centrifuges

Ohaus lab centrifuges can perform high-speed spinning of samples in clinical, industrial, and research laboratories. All models are straightforward to use that guarantee reliable and high-throughput results. Engineered to be powerful, safe, and multifunctional, Ohaus centrifuges are built with a lid locking system, a quiet brushless motor, and an imbalance detection for any possible operational risks.

Ohaus Lab Stirrers

Ohaus lab stirrers are designed for dissolving buffers and reagents, preparing media, and concentrating samples for educational laboratories that require uniform stirring. These compact stirrers offer a durable construction ideal for extreme working environments. With a chemical-resistant ceramic top plate and a housing made from heat-resistant polymer, Ohaus stirrers are easy to maintain and offer excellent user safety.

Ohaus Lab Mixers

Ohaus lab mixers are ideal to use in life sciences procedures including ELISA Assay, drug extractions, PCR preparations, and other related processes and experiments. They are highly effective for aggressive mixing of samples inside microplates and microtubes. Constructed to deliver moderate to high-speed mixing performances, Ohaus lab mixers can operate at a continuous range and precise speed values, and brings reproducible results.

Ohaus Lab Shakers

Ohaus lab shakers are built to accommodate multiple laboratory demands and operations requiring a high level of precision. Equipped with durable aluminium construction, brushless DC motor, reliable temperature controls and cooling functions, Ohaus lab shakers are capable of delivering consistent and powerful shaking action. They are available in digital and analog models and incubated versions that offer long operational life perfect for applications such as hybridization, DNA & RNA work, immunoassays, cell culture, chemical extractions, and protein studies.

Starbucks Gift Card

Customers will also get a $10 worth of Starbucks Gift Card from Lab.Equipment for every purchase of any selected Ohaus lab equipment until December 28, 2018.

Want to save up to a thousand dollars for your lab? Shop for any participating Ohaus lab equipment that fits your lab applications today and receive a bonus Starbucks gift card. Hurry before it's gone! Promo runs until December 28, 2018 only or while supplies last.

Get Shaking with this Deal!

About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Ohaus is a trusted manufacturer of highly advanced lab balances, scales, centrifuges, stirrers, mixers, shakers, and other lab instruments from the US. Since their first operations in 1907, Ohaus has been notable in addressing the weighing challenges in the lab through its high-technology balances and equipment. Many labs and workrooms in the clinical, industrial, food, academe, and retail industries rely on Ohaus to provide precise and accurate lab balances. Check out all available Ohaus laboratory products on Lab.Equipment here.

See below the list of participating products in the Ohaus 911 Markdown promo:

Ads on Google and Facebook

The promo ads shown on different networks target Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list located in the US. This PPC advertising strategy makes way for Lab.Equipment to serve the promo to the target audience until they make a purchase before the offer expires. Clicking on the ad instantly redirects the user to the promo page where they can learn the mechanics and view the list of discounted Ohaus lab mixers, shakers, stirrers, centrifuge, and balances.

Animated Banner Ads on Google

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo GDN

Google Display animated ads for Ohaus Largest Markdown are designed in various banner sizes to support different website layouts and devices. With Google Display Network, Lab.Equipment can deliver the promo banner ads to visitors who have been to the website, calling their attention to check out the promo before it ends.

Google Shopping Ads

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads for Ohaus Largest Markdown promo help customers find the discounted products through Google Search. Discounts, freebies, and promo codes are also displayed on these ads.

Gmail Ads

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Gmail Ads

Gmail interactive ads appear to be more customized as these are viewed at the top of the user’s email inbox. Clicking on the ad either takes the user to the promo page or expands like an email showing the complete promo details and the 9 Ohaus products linked to the promo page.

Single Image and Carousel Ads on Facebook

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Facebook Ads

On Facebook, Ohaus Largest Markdown promo utilizes single image and carousel ad formats with the promo code laid out noticeably at the bottom of each ad. These are scheduled to appear at specific hours on weekdays. All Facebook ads support views including desktop news feed, mobile view, and Instagram feed.

Promotional Email

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Facebook Ads

Lab.Equipment is able reach lab professionals in a more personal level through email marketing. Ohaus Largest Markdown’s promo e-blast contains the full details of the promo with CTA buttons directing to the promo page. The promo e-blast has gone through meticulous testing and are optimized to meet the requirements of different email platforms on desktop and mobile.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

Through on-page merchandising creatives deliberately positioned on particular sections of the website, first time and old website visitors can easily be informed of the ongoing promo and quickly get to the the promo page. For Ohaus Largest Markdown promo, the on-page merchandising creatives are comprised of the following:

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage
Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Hero Image

A hero image on the slider of the homepage which encourages visitors to check out the promo as soon as they open Lab.Equipment.

Sidebar Promo Banner on Product Category Pages

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Sidebar Banner

Sidebar promo banners of the Lab Shakers, Lab Centrifuges, Lab Mixers, and Lab Stirrers category pages aim to inform interested shoppers of these products about the Ohaus Largest Markdown promo, giving them the opportunity to score bigger savings.

Mega Menu Promo Banner

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Mega Menu Banner

A banner on the lower part of the mega menu where the participating products belong. For Ohaus Largest Markdown promo, the mega menu banner is located on the Shaker, Mixers & Stirrers category only.

Product Page Promo Banner

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promo Product Page Banner

A promo banner appears on top of the product page of every Ohaus lab shaker, centrifuge, mixer, and stirrer to remind customers about the discount and freebies for these products. The banners are also available on product pages related to the participating products.

Discount Badge

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promotional Badge

Promotional badges are evidently placed on the corner of the product images to show customers the discount percentage that each product offers.

Ohaus Products as Power Choice

Ohaus Largest Markdown Promotional Badge

The Power Choice suggests an Ohaus product to customers viewing a similar item from another brand on the website. Lab.Equipment ensures that every Power Choice assigned to the product page is directly related in terms of specifications such as speed and mixing movement. This increases the exposure of Ohaus centrifuges, stirrers, mixers, and shakers on more pages of the website.

 Ohaus Largest Markdown Promotional Badge

Customers can quickly compare the product being viewed and the Power Choice item from Ohaus through the Compare Recommendation button which triggers a pop-up window containing the significant product attributes of both items.

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