Levo Manual Pipette Filler from Scilogex

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Levo is an easy to use serological pipette controller for use with 1-100ml serological pipettes. Simply attach a serological pipette into the silicone holder and squeeze the bulb (which creates a vacuum) and you are ready to pipette. The thumb lever controls both the aspirate and dispense speed for up to 50ml per squeeze. A press of the central button blows-out any remaining drops in the pipette. An easily replaceable 3um hydrophobic filter prevents liquids from contaminating the inside of the Levo.

Levo Manual Pipette Filler Features

  • Buy 4 Levo Pipette Fillers and receive a 5th one FREE at checkout!!
  • Comfortable design
  • Precise pipetting control
  • Autoclavable silicone pipette holder
  • Supplied with integral and replaceable 3um filter
  • Available in 5 great colors

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  • Customer Reviews on Levo Manual Pipette Filler from Scilogex
    Blood Research Center, Associate Scientist

    I find the clear battery level display extremely useful because I always tend to forget to change my battery and I hate it everytime my pipette filler suddenly stops in the middle of my process. The buttons are perfect for my grip and its light weight makes it very handy and comfortable to use.

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